Zeram-class Cruisers were among the largest and most powerful capital ships used by the Venomian Air Defence Zone during the Lylat Wars.


The angular warship supported a large number of laser cannons and missile launchers and was protected by heavy armor strong enough to repel all firepower but that utilized by the Great Fox. It is very well balanced except for its speed. The design suffered from a glaring flaw though: the high wedge-shaped bridge at the rear of the ship was less well-protected than the rest of the ship, and could be knocked out by starfighter-grade lasers.

Enemy Recon

Zeram-class heavy cruisers are the largest capital ships in the Androssian fleet. They are heavily armed and armoured, and they're very tough to shoot down with a single laser. Target their bridges (the high, wedge-shaped structures), to destroy them. They're worth a total of six hits each. Shoot their guns separately to rack up extra points.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 101

Target locked

Zeram-class cruisers can be worth up to 19 hits apiece. Blast all the ship's cannons for 13 hits and then target the bridge to destroy the ship itself for 6 hits. Normal lasers seem to work best on the bridge area, but a Zeram can take a lot of punishment, so work fast.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 104

Call for backup

Cruisers on intercept course! You must take out the first trio on your own, but Great Fox can get into position to help with the second wave. If ROB destroys this ship, you'll get credit for the ship, but not its guns.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 104

Medal Tips

You may not have many bombs by time you reach this stage, but these high explosives will come in handy to destroy missiles and the ships that link up into one. You can destroy the big cruisers by shooting them in the bridge, but it takes a lot of shots. Be sure to clear their decks of guns before you go after the bridge. Good luck getting this medal; it is one of the toughest in the game!
—Star Fox


The Star Fox encountered at least twelve of these vessels while attempting to infiltrate Venomian airspace via Area 6. The team was able to exploit the Zeram's design flaw to disable a number of the ships, and their armor proved inadequate against the powerful hyperlaser cannons of Great Fox. The fleet was unable to prevent Star Fox from penetrating their defenses and continuing onwards to the Venom.



  • If ROB 64 provides cover fire with the Great Fox's guns, the Hit points for destroying the ship are credited but not the turrets.