I'll swallow ya whole! I'll swallow ya whole!

Zako is a bounty hunter from an unknown planet, but it is somewhat likely to be Aquas. He makes an appearance in Star Fox Command.

Physical Appearance

He is apparently an anthropomorphic hammerhead shark, though it could be an alien species similar to sharks.


He appears along with Octoman as an aquatic based enemy on the planet Aquas, piloting a robotic shark called the Devil Shark, which can be easily defeated with Smart Bombs. In some of the other paths, he guards a base on the last mission in the acidic Venom sea, where he is killed. Zako appears in the mission briefing for Dash Makes a Choice, where the Anglar Emperor instructing him to give the invaders a warm Anglarian welcome.


  • His name may be a Japanese pun, with "zako", meaning "small fry", and also is a crude Japanese term that alludes to someone being worthless cannon fodder.



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