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Z-Serpents are amphibious lifeforms, native to Zoness that once lived a peacefully on the tropical vacation world. However, Andross's bio-weaponry had polluted the once beautiful oceans and transformed the beautiful sea creatures into hideous monstrosities and each mindless bio-tech drone has been conditioned to think only one thought, destroy Star Fox or be destroyed. Despite this, however, they were considered a failure due to not becoming as aggressive from the pollution as Andross had hoped.


Following their mutation, Z-Serpents became creatures that had vaguely serpent and bird-like features.

Enemy Recon

The Z-Serpents have not become as aggressive as Andross had hoped they would, making them a failure in his eyes. Although they'll ignore you for the most part, they have a habit of slamming into you if you get in their way.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 91

Medal Tips

The bird-like mutant creatures of Zoness are tough, but shooting them down will give you 6 points each, plus a bomb. When Katt Monroe shows up, be sure to fly ahead of her since you won't get points for the enemies she shoots down. After the Checkpoint, follow Slippy under the three platforms. As you go, bomb the barges to clear all the targets off of them. Towards the end of the mission, small flotillas of patrol boats will jet ahead of you. You can take out the complete fleet with a well-placed bomb.
—Star Fox


Dozens of Z-Serpents were encountered by the Star Fox Team during the Lylat Wars. No matter what threat Arwing presented to them, most Z-Serpents continued to freely make leaps out of the sea before diving back into the polluted waters.