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Z-Gulls are amphibious lifeforms, native to Zoness that once lived a peacefully on the tropical vacation world. However, Andross's bio-weapon has polluted the once beautiful oceans and transformed the beautiful sea creatures into hideous monstrosities. They had also been trained to drop energy balls on enemies, and were durable enough to withstand regular laser fire. Each mindless bio-tech drone had been conditioned to think only one thought: Destroy Star Fox or be destroyed.


Following their mutation, Z-Gulls became vaguely bird-like creatures that carry energy balls around but will drop them after they are hit several times.

Enemy Recon

The graceful Z-Gulls have been horribly transformed and trained to carry powerful energy bombs. Try to destroy them before they have a chance to drop their payloads. They're nearly invulnerable to normal laser fire, and it will take three or more charged laser bolts or a bomb to bring one down.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 91

Medal Tips

The bird-like mutant creatures of Zoness are tough, but shooting them down will give you 6 points each, plus a bomb. When Katt Monroe shows up, be sure to fly ahead of her since you won't get points for the enemies she shoots down. After the Checkpoint, follow Slippy under the three platforms. As you go, bomb the barges to clear all the targets off of them. Towards the end of the mission, small flotillas of patrol boats will jet ahead of you. You can take out the complete fleet with a well-placed bomb.
—Star Fox


At least three Z-Gulls were encountered by the Star Fox Team during the Lylat Wars. No matter what threat the Z-Gulls presented, they were not able to halt the Arwings in their stealth mission.


  • Z-Gulls look very similar to the Firebirds encountered on Corneria. A possible suggestion is that the programming model was reused.
    • In the strategy guide, however, they had a far different appearance.