The three Wooden Blocks are (hence their name) small distincive shaped puzzle blocks carved out of wood. They are discovered in LightFoot Village.


The three Wooden Blocks are Circular, Triangular and Squared Wooden Blocks.


Captured by the LightFoot Tribe when accused of stealing the Fire GemFox McCloud was keen to clear his name after being rescued by a CloudRunner. But the LightFoot Tribe fled in fear from the attacking CloudRunner, cutting Fox off from their huts. Recalling the need to search for Krazoa Spirits, Fox and Tricky stayed in the village and began to search for a way to reach the hiding LightFoot.

The Wooden Blocks are all found in patches of earth throughout the swamps, which Fox must call Tricky to dig up with his Find Command. The blocks are then inserted into holes in pedestals around the torture totem pole. The blocks unlock the keys to open the stepping stones which lead to Chief LightFoot's hut. Each block releases a stepping stone which will allow Fox to seek an audience with his recent captors. 

Later during his expedition on Dinosaur Planet, Fox found one of these blocks during the Test of Knowledge, representing LightFoot Village.



  • Fox and Tricky can enter LightFoot Village before their run-in with the LightFoot Tribe and perform this challenge beforehand. Yet the LightFoot Tribe will be nowhere to be seen.
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