The Wolfen II is an upgraded Wolfen starfighter used by the Star Wolf team during the first stage of the Hard Path version of the Venom mission.

In the games

Star Fox 64 logo

The Wolfen II are piloted by the Star Wolf team, appearing only when reaching Venom from Area 6. The arrival is indicated by the sudden silence and then broken by the triggered cutscene and traditional Star Wolf background music.

Like the previous encounters, Wolf will pursue Fox without end until either one of them is shot down first, Pigma will chase Peppy, Leon will target Falco and Andrew will home in on Slippy. The Wolfen II's twin Lasers, make them pack a powerful punch on wing mate's Shield Gauges. The Wolfen's G-Diffuser allows a better shielding system, quicker recharge for performing loops, Immelmann turns, boosts, and brakes, and support an anti-Smart bomb and anti-charge beam systems, effectively rendering Charged Lasers and Smart Bombs worthless against them. Also, these fighters can Barrel Roll like the Arwings to deflect lasers, but only for a moment. Sometimes, when being pursued, Falco and Slippy will call in and sarcastically note the Star Wolf team's new ships.

Since the Wolfen II ships are each worth an incredible 50 bonus Hit Points upon being shot down, this makes them the most point-worthy enemies in Star Fox 64 along with the Macbeth Weapons Factory, even more than Andross's brain, the final boss. All four ships together makes up a score of 204 points, although, the longer the player takes to shoot the Wolfen II down, the less points are given.

Enemy Recon

Your rivals' signature ship has been upgraded in every area. It packs dual lasers, an improved G-diffuser unit and anti-bomb shielding as standard equipment, and this version is also far more maneuvrable than the original. The Wolfen II is technically superior to the Arwing, but you can prove that heart and guts count for more than speed and steel!
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 107

Star Wolf

This is the final showdown between you and your longtime rival. If not for Pigma's influence, you may never have become enemies. Who knows? In another time, another place, you might have called him friend…
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 111

Wolfen II

The Wolfen II's improved G-diffuser design gives it better protection and maneuvrability than your Arwing's. It will take a lot of shots to bring it down.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 111

Star Fox Command

Panther Caroso's personal starfighter, the Black Rose, somewhat resembled the Wolfen II, even having powerful lasers and an impressive Boost and Brake Gauge, but weak shielding.

Star Fox 64 3D logo

In the 3DS version of Star Fox 64, the colors of the Wolfen II are changed to the Wolfen's red and grey color scheme.

  • Although the Wolfen II is superior to the original design, they share exactly the same boss role subtitle.


  • The front beak of the Wolfen II resembles the Armoured Arwing from Star Fox 2.
  • Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi both seem to have an interest in the Wolfen II, however these are most likely to be sarcastic remarks, and a signal that they need assistance. In contrast to showing interest, Peppy Hare may say that he's unable to shake the Wolfen II.


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