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The Wolfen appears in the games whenever Star Wolf does, in which they are stage bosses, hazards or playable vehicles and cameos in other spin-off games.

Star Fox 64 logo

In Star Fox 64 and the 3DS rerelease, Star Wolf automatically appear at Fichina, flying their Wolfen. Depending on the flight path made, Star Wolf can also appear at the Bolse satellite. If the gameplay route includes failing the level or taking the warp from Sector X to Sector Z as well as Fichina, Star Wolf will appear again, where Fox groans at facing them a second time.


Star Wolf and his cohorts are all crack pilots, so don't underestimate them. If you tag them from behind. they'll pull a loop or a U-turn to get out of the line of fire. Be ready to match their moves. Star Wolf's ships can repel charged-up lasers, but they are vulnerable to normal laser fire. The Star Wolf team's ships are displayed as black icons on the radar. When you see one of them close in, be ready to take evasive action. Pulling a quick loop may catch even Star Wolf by surprise. The enemy may also take evasive action, so be ready on the stick. Each ship is worth 10 Hit points after they are shot down, unless the player takes too long to shoot them down.

Enemy Recon

The Wolfen is fast, highly maneverable and, with two laser cannons as standard equipment, very-well armed. Its shields are not as powerful as the Arwing's shields, but in the hands of a pilot like Star Wolf, this craft is a force to be reckoned with.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 41

Tough to crack

The Wolfen can shrug off charged-up lasers without getting a scratch and withstand multiple hits from even your hyper lasers.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 43

Star Wolf Team

The war at Bolse is hardly a struggle until the fearsome foursome zoom in to put an end to the Star Fox team. Wolf, Pigma, Leon and Andrew know that they're the only ones who are left to stop you and your team from reaching Andross's home on Venom. They're not about to fail their boss, so they'll tail your Arwings like a vapour trail. Stay undaunted and rabidly dogfight your rivals, because their demise is your ticket to scoring at least 150 hits. Once you've started to disable Bolse's core, the battlefield will become frenzied with laser fire, so concentrate on downing the Star Wolf team before focusing your efforts on destroying Bolse. "Playtime is over," Wolf taunts. Make those his last words.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 57
SF64 Fortuna Star Wolf

The Wolfen squadron arrive at Fichina.

Training Mode

After gaining 100 points during Star Fox 64's Training Mode, one or more Wolfen ships will appear during the All-Range Mode section. It will fire lasers at the player, for the sake of training reasons, making it the only enemy to attack the player other then the Venomian Landmaster. These Wolfen however are less of a challenge than their main game counterparts, due to lacking the abilities of the ones fought on Fichina and Bolse (being unable to do U-turns, somersaults, or cause lock-on shots or bombs to stop following it), as well as having far less health.

Star Fox Assault

The Wolfen returns in Star Fox: Assault, performing almost exactly the same as before. Wolf, Leon and newcomer Panther appear at the Sargasso Hideout, where they serve as the boss of Mission 3.

  • Wolf as usual is a very aggressive opponent who stays near the last remaining battleship but will go after Fox until he is shot down, where he will say: "You ain't your father after all…".
  • Panther will stay near Krystal but will not attack her, and will say after shooting him: "Make me mad and your life's as good as gone."
  • Leon will stay near Falco and will ask after he is shot by Fox: "Who do you think I am?".

When they are shot down and the mission is complete, Wolf reveals that Pigma was fired from the team and if he came near the hideout he would have been driven out. Panther is taken by Krystal and he slip gives where the team will find Pigma next. Abandoned Wolfen ships are visible during Mission 5.

During Mission 7, the gameplay will switch to Wing-riding mode, where they player will shoot down aparoids and asset teammates while ring on Wolf's Wolfen, whilst battling Pepper's infected flagship as the boss.

Star Wolf use the Wolfen to assist Missions 8 and 10, before leading an overwhelming tunnel of Aparoid Spinners away from the Arwings to let them reach the Queen.

VS Mode

The Wolfen is also an unlockable vehicle for the Star Fox: Assault Multi player mode after playing 150 matches. Wolf is the only character able to get a successful control on the ship.

The primary fighting vehicle of the Star Wolf team. Wolfens are equipped with more gravity-regulating Gravity Blades than Arwings and are conjectured to be at least equal to the Arwings in functionality.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet, pg 37

Star Fox Command

The Wolfen returns in Star Fox Command, where it is playable in three different variations. The original Aparoid Invasion era Wolfen is used by Wolf. Leon's Wolfen is customised into his personal Rainbow Delta, a heavily shielded, continuous Wide lock-on firing star fighter but cannot shoot regular lasers. Panther's Wolfen became the weaker, fast flying Black Rose, resembling the Wolfen II and armed with a powerful Zapper laser. Twice on Fichina, Star Wolf will attack Fox after clearing the Anglar forces, thinking he came to collect the bounties on their heads. Fox will face all three Wolfens at once as usual.


Wolfen stats
Laser: Twin
Lock: Multi
Smart Bombs: 1


● ● ● ● ● ●
Boost: ● ● ● ● ●
Time Bonus: 2sec

Website Bio Description:

Wolf O'Donnell
Leader of the Star Wolf squadron and Fox's arch rival. The Wolfen is one of the fastest ships in the system.
—Star Fox Command Website bio (Wolf)


Below are all the missions that utilize the Wolfen:

  • Fichina: Fog of War (appears as stage boss)
  • Fichina: Former Rivals (appears as stage boss)
  • Solar: The Red-Hot Planet
  • Solar: The Ultimate Weapon
  • Titania: Wolf's Plot
  • Venom: Star Wolf Returns

Star Fox 64 3D logo

In the 3DS version of Star Fox 64, the Wolfen are given the subtitle of: Ultra Performance All Range Fighter, which is also shared with the Wolfen II even though the superiority of the laters design and performance.

Boss wolfen

The Wolfen returns and is as deadly as it was in its previous renditions, but features several new abilities.

As a counterpart to the Arwing's Walker mode, the Wolfen can now transform into the Hunter- a swift, four-legged mech that resembles a wolf which possesses all the firepower of the Wolfen and supplements it with an alarming degree of maneuverability on the ground.

SFZ Wolf Wolfen

Furthermore, Wolf, Pigma, and Andrew all appear to have modified their Wolfens to grant them the ability to use special attacks, although this is only exhibited during the extra unlockable stages:

  • Wolf's special attack is the Lightning Tornado. This maneuver entails the Wolfen (or the Hunter) shrouding itself in electricity, then speeding towards the Arwing in an attempt to ram into it. This is typically repeated three or four times in a row, and Wolf is invincible while performing the attack.
  • Pigma's special attack is the Pigma Bomb, a set of cluster bombs that attempt to home in on the Arwing's position before they explode all at once.
  • Andrew's special attack is the Plasma Shield, which deploys a pair of devices that emit an electrical tripwire between them to act as an obstacle. The devices can be shot down to disable the tripwire, however. Occasionally, two sets of tripwires are dropped at once.


The Wolf Team that appear in Star Fox 2 are Wolf, Leon, Pigma and Algy, who use their own Wolfen star fighters with similar features and roles as the Wolfen in Star Fox 64. Wolf pilots one with a specialist colour scheme.

Super Smash Bros 4 merged logo, no subtitle

The Wolfen appears in every Super Smash Bros. game in the series, as cameos, trophies, stickers and stage hazards.

Ssb logo

In the Sector Z stage in Super Smash Bros., three Wolfen can sometimes be seen at the background at Sector Z Stage, although Star Wolf were not encountered at that location during the Lylat Wars.

Super Smash Bros Melee logo

The Wolfen appears in the Corneria stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It occasionally fires Lasers at the characters on screen, the Wolfen doesn't target any character in particular. Once it has stopped firing, the Wolfen will then fly off the screen after a few seconds. If a character remains on it when it flies off the screen, that character will receive a Star KO. The Wolfen appears as a Trophy in the game. The Wolfen also appears in the opening movie along with the Arwing.


# Name Image First Game / Move Description
227 Wolfen
Wolfen Trophy Melee
Star Fox 64 / Lylatwars
The beloved ship of the mercenary team Star Wolf, which was hired to destroy Fox and his team. The ship's abilities rival an Arwing.: As a matter of fact, the Wolfen II was an improvement over its predecessor and could nearly outperform team Star Fox's ships. Star Wolf's leader, Wold O'Donnell is Fox's most persistant rival.

Super Smash Bros Brawl logo

The Wolfen reappears in the Corneria stage as it did before. It also makes an appearance in the Lylat Cruise stage. The Wolfen also appears briefly in both Wolf's On-Screen Appearance in which he ejects from it to enter on the battlefield, as well as a bonus scene of the Subspace Emissary, in which Wolf ejects from the Wolfen and lands on the Lylat Cruise to face off the player. Its also notable that the Wolfen appears slightly different than the Star Fox: Assault version, where its wings are spread farther apart. It looks like a mix between the Star Fox 64 Wolfen and the Assault Wolfen. Countering Fox and Falco's field entries via Arwings, Wolf uses a Wolfen to enter the arena stage.


Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Wolfen Random
Wolfen Trophy Brawl
A class of starfighter piloted by Team Star Fox's rivals, team Star Wolf. Wolfen's boast more gravity-suppressing plates than Arwings, making their performance equal or perhaps even superior. When Team Star Wolf reappeared, they were piloting Wolfen II ships—improved versions with two laser cannons rather than one and capable of reflecting attacks by rolling.
  • Star Fox / Lylat Wars (N64)
  • Star Fox Assault (GCN)


Name Game Effect Characters Sticker
Wolfen Star Fox 64 Attack +16 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker Wolfen (Star Fox 64)
Wolfen Star Fox: Assault Attack +30 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker Wolfen (Star Fox Assault)

Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS

The Wolfen returns as a trophy in the fourth Super Smash Bros. title for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as a trophy. It's design is captured from its Star Fox 64 3D appearance, as well as referencing it's in-game boss subtitle. The Wolfen's biography also relates to the Nintendo Power Star Fox 64 guide in that Andross manufactured them, while the info implies that Pigma had a hand in their designs.

Wii U

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription Trophy Box
Wolfen (Assault)Series Related
These all-range fighter are Star Wolf's pride and joy. They're considered to be on the same level as Star Fox's Arwings-maybe even better because of having two pairs of Gravity Blades. In Star Fox: Assault, you can actually earn a chance to fly a Wolfen yourself. Why not try out and see which is better?
NA release
These all-range fighter are Star Wolf's pride and joy. They're considered to be on the same level as Star Fox's Arwings - maybe even better due to having two pairs of gravity-regulating Gravity Blades. In Star Fox: Assault, you can actually earn a chance to fly a Wolfen yourself. Why not try out and see which is better?
PAL relase
  • GameCube: Star Fox: Assault (02/2005)
36. Star Fox: Assault


Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Wolfen TBA

The Wolfen's trophy.

Star Wolf's all-range fighters were designed by an evil scientist (Andross) and a truly shameless mechanic (Pigma). Still, leaving aside the designers' personal qualities, the Wolfen's performance and careful design make it truly stand out. In fact, its turning ability and high-gravity resistance surpass even the Arwing.
NA / PAL Trophy descriptions

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Logo

In "Ultimate", the Wolfen appears in several roles, such as Wolfs stage entry, like Fox and Falco using Irwin's. As with the Arwings, the Wolfens also appear in the revamped Corneria and Venom stages, now using their Zero design. They're also used as Wolf's Final Smash, Team Star Wolf, where Wolf and his team blast enemies caught in the initial attack's reticule with a barrage of laser fire.

A Wolfen Spirit is also available for purchase, using its "Zero" design. It also has its own battle in the game's adventure mode World of Light in the World of Darkness area, where Wolf can also be found.

Support Spirits

Spirit Stats Augmented Fighter Stats
No. Image Name Type Class Cost Ability Origin Game Enemy Fighter Enemy Power Stage Rules Conditions
Wolfen SSBU
Wolfen Neutral ★★★ 1 Shield Damage ↑ Star Fox 64
(Artwork: Star Fox Zero)
Template:SSBU 9,200 Venom (Battlefield form) N/A •The enemy's FS Meter charges quickly
•The enemy has increased attack power
•The enemy has increased move speed

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