The characteristics of Wolf, including physical appearance, traits and relationships with other characters.


Wolf is a gray wolf of the Canidae family (the same family as his rival Fox). He has purple eyes with black outlines around them, and a white line of fur cut in a brutal mohawk style, rivaling Fox's military crew-cut. He has tall pointed ears and a set of sharp teeth, usually shown when he is smiling or snarling. He also has a bushy tail with a split at the tip. He appears to be tall and remarkably muscular, making him physically superior to Fox, as well as implementing the significant rift between the two species.

Wolf's attire changes slightly in the Star Fox games. In Star Fox 64, he appears to be wearing a brown trench coat and red scarf similar to Fox's. Also, he seems to have many bandages during the fight on Venom. During this time, he appears to sport a stereotypical black eye patch, although it is unknown whether he wears it because of a prior injury blinding him in his eye, if he only wore it for show, or if he wore it as a means to aid him in aerial combat by dimming his eyesight enough to read the controls of the Wolfen. In both Assault and Command, his clothes change radically. He wears a blue, layered laser-proof vest over a full black suit which bears purple markings, with the addition of both black gauntlets, boots and knee pads, and a metal belt. Two recognizable traits are his massive spiked shoulder pads and his new mechanical left eyewear with blue lens. His appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl changes once more, now with his vest unzipped and exposing a black muscle shirt underneath. He now wears black and purple fingerless gloves that show off his claws, as well as now-spiked knee pads. He also wears dark-blue and purple combat boots, a collar, a locket, a belt with a wolf-shaped buckle, a chain, and a strap-on holster. Wolf also appears to be wearing a badge on his waistcoat resembling a planet; The closest match to its appearance is that of Corneria.

  • In Wolf's Assault concept artwork, Wolf's left side is shown without his mechanical eyepatch, implying that either he only wears his eyepatch for show, and doesn't actually need the eyepatch due to a bad eye, or his use of the eyepatch was as a means to dim the sight of one of his eyes so he could observe flight while at the same time retain enough eyesight to read the instruments of his Wolfen, which is similar to what real-life pilots did in the early 20th Century.
  • In the versus mode of Star Fox: Assault, if a player attempts to zoom the camera into Wolf's face, his right eye is visible behind of the eyepatch, which is another possibility of Wolf using a Scouter or HMD.


In his first appearance, Wolf was shown to have a calm and even polite personality (as shown saying lines when you damage him during the Venom dogfight like "You're good, but I'm better."), but in the more recent games, Wolf has become a more bitter, ruthless character. Wolf is depicted as a merciless and cunning foe with a more villainous personality during the events of the Lylat Wars, but since the beginning of the Aparoid Invasion, appears to be less villainous. He is brutal, ruthless, stubborn, and has a rebellious distaste for any kind of authority, but is very charismatic in his own way and Fox's equal in flying skill. His attitude has risen to the recognizable traits of an anti-hero, making him unwilling to aid anyone for the sake of heroism or justice; even to the point of giving Fox the advice; "Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act!" Which proved to be very helpful to the Star Fox team while they're being disturbingly traumatized by the Aparoid Queen's impersonations. Being a mercenary and an outlaw, his interests revolve mainly around his Team as well as his pay. He appears to have a grudging respect for Fox McCloud, but is quick to offer his usual glare of rivalry for him - though he has made it clear he wants to one day kill Fox himself. Wolf has a barely noticeable soft-spot for those he competes with, his main rival being Fox and the Star Fox team. He does have some reserves, however. For one, he does not tolerate betrayal and/or greed lightly, as evidenced by his firing Pigma from Star Wolf due to his greed and overall untrustworthy nature, as well as his ordering his men to drive out Pigma if he ever came near his territory. He also doesn't seem to tolerate arrogance or unwarranted boasting, as he similarly kicked out Andrew Oikonny for these traits if Andrew's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U is to be believed. Similarly, in one scenario of the Anglar Blitz, he was shown having some guilt over betraying Star Fox the way he did, even though he harbored no warm feelings for his rival.

  • Out of the entire cast of pilots in the Star Fox Franchise, Wolf maintains the status of being the most physically superior. In games following Star Fox 64, Wolf is depicted to be quite muscular and taller than Fox or Falco.


Fox McCloud and Team Star Fox

Star Wolf Assault Sargasso

Wolf leaves with a promise made to Fox.

While Wolf's relation with Falco and Slippy is generally hostile, Fox and Wolf's "relationship" is probably Wolf's most important one; he constantly seeks to become better than Fox. Every time the two teams get into a dogfight, Wolf instantly goes to fight Fox. Despite their bitter rivalry, Wolf is not above helping Fox against a common foe under the quote "And if anyone's gonna tan your hide it's gonna be me!", showing that the two do have a respect for each other. One sign of respect is hinted in Assault during the Aparoid Invasion, while wing riding on the Wolfen. Wolf might say to Fox; "You got some skills, pal." as a sign of respect, but only if your health bar is close to or is still full; his advice for Fox after their fight with General Pepper helps him out while he and his team are being stricken by the Aparoid Queen's disturbing impersonations. The strategy guide also implies that the primary reason for Wolf's rivalry with Fox was because of Pigma's influence. Although non-canon, a bonus comm-transmission from Wolf and the other Star Fox team members (specifically near the Corneria portion of the level), should the player play as Fox in the Lylat Cruise stage, will imply that the reason why Wolf often fights the Star Fox team is to satiate his inner desires for conflict, and claims that Star Fox and Star Wolf are destined to fight.

James McCloud


Wolf taunting when Fox gets defeated in space battle

During his youth, he also harbored an intense rivalry with Fox's father, James McCloud. It is also implied in the comics as well as Wolf's line "You'll be seeing your dad soon, Fox!" in Star Fox 64/3D and his introductory line in Star Fox Zero before the Lone Wolf Mission "You'll be seeing your father soon!" that Wolf had some involvement in James's death. It is quite possible that he maintained a master and pupil relationship with James when he was a young man. He also mentioned if he successfully shoots down Fox in Assault that "[Fox] ain't your father, after all...", implying he had a large amount of respect for James McCloud's dogfighting abilities. Wolf's advice towards Fox after finishing Mission 7, (Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act!) is also somewhat a pun on James's motto, further indicating some history. It is implied through the Super Smash Bros. series that Wolf's rivalry with Team Star Fox started out with James from having tangled in battle after battle with McCloud during the time he served Andross's pre-exile antagonism towards Corneria. In Star Fox Zero, during the Lone Wolf mission, Wolf will sometimes say "I'm impressed! I haven't had this much fun since I fought your father.", revealing they had at least one dogfight.

Star Wolf

Wolf seems to care for his teammates as he doesn't let just anyone join his team. Any signs of selfishness and such and Wolf kicks them out of the team in order to keep the teamwork in his team. Leon Powalski seems to be a long term friend of his, despite Leon's sadistic nature. He is, however, not above yelling at his teammates when they're bickering with each other or Star Fox members (the latter in the event that they teamed up). In addition, Krystal appears to be the only member of Star Fox that managed to gain enough of Wolf's respect to let her join the team. Towards the end of Command, she shows joy and relief at his survival. He mockingly calls her "princess", either referring to her lineage, regal attitude, or her tiara. It is unknown whether or not he will remember this relationship in future titles, and the true nature of the relationship remains unknown.


Language Game Voice actor
Japanese Star Fox 64 Hisao Egawa
Japanese Star Fox: Assault, Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mahito Ōba
Japanese Star Fox 64 3D, Star Fox Zero, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Kousuke Takaguchi
English Star Fox 64 Jock Blaney
English Star Fox: Assault Grant Goodeve
English Super Smash Bros. Brawl, 3DS & Wii U (archive), Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Jay Ward
English Star Fox 64 3D, Star Fox Zero Mike West
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