The Aparoid Moth is the fan-named moth-like Aparoid which attacked the Star Fox team on Fortuna in Star Fox: Assault

. It is

The Aparoid Moth as it appeared on Fortuna

 the first type of Aparoid encountered during the Aparoid Invasion, and apparently the same type which attacked a fleet of Cornerian warships 17 years prior. The Aparoid appears after Star Fox cripples Andrew Oikonny's flagship, descending out of the sky striking down what remained of the the stubborn monkey's vessel with three blasts from its powerful beam weapon. The team doesn't have much time to ponder whether it is a friend or foe before it engages them, nearly killing Krystal in the process.

The Aparoid Moth's attacks are many and varied, including firing beams of ring-shaped pulses from spots on its wings, missiles from its mouth, and a fiery beam weapon from its backside which it may either aim directly at the Arwings or use to heat the ground and kick up chunks of molten debris. In order to defeat it, its

wings must first be destroyed, after which it will reveal a purple orb within its mouth which much be shot.

After the Aparoid Moth has been shot down, Fox is able to recover its Core Memory, just before being chased away by a huge swarm of more Moths. This particular design of Aparoid is seen nowhere else in the game.


  • An identical aparoid  is seen in the veiwscreen destroying cornerian forces while Beltino toad is talking about the masacre at 8 BLW.
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