The Winged Aparoid is an elite Aparoid that attacked the Star Fox Team on Fortuna in Star Fox: Assault. It is the first type of Aparoid encountered during the Aparoid Invasion, and apparently the same one which attacked a fleet of Cornerian warships 17 years prior.


The Aparoid appeared after the Star Fox team crippled Andrew Oikonny's flagship, descending out of the sky and striking down what remained of the stubborn monkey's vessel with three blasts from its powerful beam stinger. The team didn't have much time to ponder whether it was a friend or foe before it engaged them, nearly shooting down and killing Krystal in the process. Peppy Hare and ROB also recognized it. After the Aparoid had been shot down and killed, Fox was able to recover a valuable item before a swarm of more members of the same species appeared in the sky.

Beltino Toad's briefing about the Aparoids before Star Fox left for Katina revealed that an identical Aparoid was seen 17 years ago when it decimated an entire Cornerian fleet on its own and he assured the team that his federation scientists were making an analysis on the Core Memory they recovered, however, the item was damaged by the battle and was not complete enough to give out accurate information, promoting Fox to get a more complete specimen.

In the game

The Winged Aparoid's attacks are many and varied, including firing beams of ring-shaped pulses from spots on its wings, missiles from its mouth, and a fiery beam weapon from its backside which it may either aim directly at the Arwings or use to heat the ground and lift from the ground chunks of molten debris, which it uses to hurl at enemies. In order to defeat it, its wings must first be destroyed, after which it will reveal a purple orb within its mouth which must be shot to deplete its health completely.

Close encounters with an Aparoid

Surprise, surprise - Oikonny isn't the final Fortuna boss. After you crush his spirits, a bizarre winged insect will swoop in to ruin your victory. You'll need to fry the creature, part of a race known as the Aparoid, in a two - stage battle.
—Official Nintendo Power Star Fox Assault Player's Guide, pg 27

Clip the Aparoid's wings

You'll first need to destroy each of the creature's wing segments - firing at the circle in each is the key. Roll to the side to avoid the purple beams that discharge from any remaining circles. When you've eradicated its wings, the battle will shift into its second stage.
—Official Nintendo Power Star Fox Assault Player's Guide, pg 27

Asteroid offensives

In the second stage, the Aparoid will summon an asteroid storm. You can't blast the rocks out of the sky, so you'll need to use evasive maneuvers. One hit from an asteroid will take a big bite out of your shields.
—Official Nintendo Power Star Fox Assault Player's Guide, pg 27

See eye-to-eye with the creature

In the second stage, the only way to hurt the beast is to strike its pink orb. It's often shielded inside the alien's body, so charge up while waiting for the orb, the blast upon sight. You can shoot the orb ay time you see it, even during asteroid strikes.
—Official Nintendo Power Star Fox Assault Player's Guide, pg 27

Official Site data

Location data

Battle condition: Cornerian Fleet is surrounding Fortuna and engaging remnants of Andross's Armada. Enemy has sustained losses. Star Fox Team has been dispatched was dispatched to intercept flag ship when it encountered unknown hostiles. Last transmission from Fox McCloud indicated his starship, Great Fox, was en route to Katina to investigate a distress signal.

Super Smash Bros. Series

The Winged Aparoid appears as a trophy in the Wii U version of the fourth Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription Trophy Box
Aparoid (Fortuna)Series Related
The boss from the first mission in Star Fox: Assault. This aparoid shows up while Oikonny is singing his own praises, easily knocking Andross's nephew out of the sky. This same creature, its wings making it resemble a butterfly, apparently attacked a Cornerian fleet 17 years earlier.
NA release
While Fox and Oikonny are busy having a long-fated showdown in the first mission of Star Fox: Assault, this metallic moth-like foe known as an aparoid interrupts, taking out Oikonny in no time flat. Apparently, the same foe also destroyed an entire fleet on its own 17 years earlier. Luckily, Fox is able to expose its weakness and beat it.
PAL release
  • GameCube: Star Fox: Assault (02/2005)
36. Star Fox: Assault

The Winged Aparoid also appears as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the story mode "World of Light", it is housed in a puppet fighter version of Ridley from Metroid on Venom with Space Battleground as the background music, using his purple (non-default) costume as well as in his metal form, with his jump power increased in contrast with the player.

Support Spirits

Spirit Stats Augmented Fighter Stats
No. Image Name Type Class Cost Ability Origin Game Enemy Fighter Enemy Power Stage Rules Conditions
Aparoid SSBU
Aparoid Neutral ★★ 2 Irreversible Controls Template:S Metal Template:SSBU 4,100 Venom Hazard: High Gravity •Your jumping power decreases
•The enemy is metal
•The enemy has increased jump power



  • An identical Aparoid is seen in the background viewscreen destroying Cornerian forces while Beltino Toad is talking about the massacre at 8 BLW. The picture was most likely taken during said event.
  • A possible reason the Aparoid Moth destroyed Andrew's ship first was that another Aparoid (or, however unlikely, the same one) had encountered a high ranking Venomian official who knew Andross and how powerful he was. It may have mistaken Andrew's ship for Andross himself, and a threat, which he was neither.
  • It may be possible that the Aparoid that destroyed a Cornerian fleet 17 years prior to Star Fox Assault evolved into the Aparoid Queen, or was presumably the very same Aparoid.
  • While more are seen flying when Fox goes to pick up the Core Memory, the Star Fox Team doesn't fight this particular species of Aparoid for the rest of the game.


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