A Wing gyro is an item that repairs an Arwing's broken wing(s) instantly. It appears in Star Fox and Star Fox 64 and will only appear if one or both wings are broken off. Wing gyros replace Laser items, as an Arwing can only have the Single Laser if either or both wings are broken off. The wings break off when the wings take too much damage.

In the games

Star Fox

Wing Gyros appear on the mission whenever any of the Arwing's wings are broken off, replacing laser upgrades. The wing will only be repaired when a gyro is collected.

Twin Blaster or Wing Gyro

The effect of this item on your ship will depend on your ship's condition. If your wings are interacts and you collect it, it will allow you to fire two Blaster beams simultaneously (Twin Blaster Type A). If one of your wings is damaged and you collect it, a Wing Gyro will appear and repair your wing. (Note: If your wing is damaged, this item will only repair your wing, it will not not give you a Twin Blaster.) If you collect a second Twin Blaster/ Wing Gyro item after you already have Twin Blasters, the power of your blasters will be improved (Twin Blaster Type B).
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox 64/3D

Their function remains the same, but are called Wing Repairs. In Main Game's normal difficulty the wings can stand a couple of hits, but in the Expert Mode, the wings will break from just a single hit. They can be found inside Containers, and in place of any Laser upgrades when one or both wings are broken off. If the Shield Gauge is at critical, a Star Supply Ring will take the place of a Supply Container's Wing Repair.

Instruction booklet references

Wing Repair: If your Arwing takes too much damage, your wings will be destroyed. Any powered-up lasers will be gone and your flying ability will be hindered. If you grab the Wing Repair, or if you finish the stage, the destroyed wings will automatically be fixed.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet
Wing Repair: Repairs the wings of your Arwing if they are damaged.
—Star Fox 64 3D; Instruction Booklet

Strategy Guide description

As your Arwing takes too much damage, its wings and Laser Upgrades may be lost. It will also be harder to control. You can collect this to repair the damage, but you won't regain lost Laser Upgrades.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 16

Other info

  • The Wing repair item does not appear in later games because of the following: The Arwing's wings remain intact in Adventures possibly due to the health system. In Assault, a secondary laser upgrade takes its place. In Command, different ships sport different capabilities eliminating the need for such items.



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