Web Ships are spacecraft that are presumably of Venomian origin that inhabit the Meteo Asteroid Field.


These ships, as the name implies, are capable of firing a type of solid material similar to that of a spider's web in function to trap enemy fighters. They could use it as a net to block entrances or in a spiral manner to confuse the enemy

Enemy Recon

The Web Ships first appear spiralling around you. Avoid the long white web lines and blow away the ships. Then, as you leave the hollow asteroid, they build a web across the entrance. Blast the ships before they complete their webs.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 35

Medal Tips

The best way to get the medal in Meteo is to take the warp to Katina. To enter the warp, fly through the six warp gates to enter the warp zone. You will pick up speed after you go through each warp gate, so you will need to anticipate the positions of the warp gates and react quickly. The warp is filled with enemies and power-up items. Use bombs liberally because you can easily collect more in the warp area. When you reach clusters of items, do a loop to collect as many as possible.
—Star Fox


The Star Fox Team encountered these weapons when arriving at the Meteo asteroid field. First they spiralled around Fox's Arwing before and after the second hollow tunnel. More Web Ships were stationed near the Warp rings. Distorted Web Ships were prominent within the Warp Zones.

Other Info

Cornerian Fighters use a similar, specialised coloured jet trail during the Cornerian's celebration of the Lylat Wars ending. The obvious difference is that this jet trail was not hostile.



  • The Web Ships are similar to the Tholian ships from the Star Trek episode, "The Tholian Web".


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