Warp Zones acts as a secret passageways in Star Fox 64 which can lead to harder Missions for completion. Because they are hidden, they cannot be seen on the Lylat System map. It is possible to activate two Warp Zone runs with one round of gameplay.

In the game

In "Star Fox 64 3D", each Warp Zone underwent redesigns in their physical appearances. They individually had different colors of shifting nebula with ripple effects in the background, instead of both of them having a swirling nebula that is yellow with green and blue surrounding it in the background; the Warp Zone in Meteo now has orange shifting nebula with circular ripple effects while the Warp Zone in Sector X now has pink shifting nebula with square-shaped ripple effects.

Making the jump to light speed.

Web Ships and Butterflies near the Warp Rings.

  • As the Arwings move in these areas, the ships leave multiple-colored shadows behind it. The purpose and psychedelic nature of these areas might be inspired by the Black Hole and possibly even Out of This Dimension from the original Star Fox game.
    • The Warp Zone, however, is based heavily on the Black Hole, as these both serve the identical purpose of warping to another path, often to harder or quicker paths. Out of This Dimension, however, is effectively a nonstandard Game Over; as that is a point of no return which cannot even be remedied by a Continue.
    • However, the Warp Zone is not an easter egg, but instead represents the most favorable (or advanced) exit of a level. In the case of "Star Fox 64", completing a Warp Zone guarantees a Mission Accomplishment, and in the case of Sector X, it will lead to the Hard Route rather than the Medium route.
  • Taking a Warp Zone earn a seemingly greater "Mission Accomplished" rather than a more satisfactory "Mission Complete" - although there is an alternative way to earn a good rating in Sector X, and that is by eliminating Spyborg before it sends Slippy flying to Titania.

Meteo's Warp Zone

Meteo's Warp Zone.

Our probes have picked up enemy activity in the Meteo planetoid system. It looks like Andross has built a planetoid crusher to clear a way through the belt for his invasion fleet. We need to have the Star Fox team check it out. Keep you eyes peeled as you move through the planetoids. Their movement is usually predictable, but if any of theses rocks collide, it could send them careening off in wild directions. We've also scanned some unusual warp energy readings in the sector. If you find the source of to explore it to find out if it is part of Andross's attack.
—General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 34

To enter the Meteo Warp Zone and fly to Katina, Fox's Arwing must successfully fly through the Warp Rings just after Slippy is tailed by the Flip Bots, which is difficult, because each time the Arwing flies through one, its speed increases and it becomes harder to control. Once reached, the space background is replaced by swirling pastel colors, and the level theme is replaced with a mysterious tune.

Here, there are biomechanical creatures, spinning white cubes and meteors with odd textures. All vulnerable things here give power ups when not playing in Expert Mode, like rings, bombs, and laser upgrades, and are worth points like regular enemies are. A "64" spelled out in explosions, and a cluster of asteroids and an enemy will always give Fox various items (such as Smart Bombs, Laser Upgrades and Supply Rings) regardless of whether playing in Expert Mode or not, should he choose to destroy it. Additionally, at the beginning of the stage, "GO!" is made out of a cluster of explosions. Toward the mid part of the level, there are groups of enemies that fly in a pattern, similar to Galaga. If all of the enemies in that swarm are shot down, a power-up is awarded. Use bombs freely, as the meteors are destroyable and count as enemies. It is possible to amass 250+ hits during the flight.

In "Star Fox 64 3D", the colors of the trace of hazardous lines that follow the enemies and the ones some enemies leave out are now black, instead of each having different colors, especially white.


Finding the source of the warp emissions will take you to another dimension, where you can rack up some more points and score some bonus items!
—Star Fox 64.com
The best way to get the medal in Meteo is to take the warp to Katina. To enter the warp, fly through the six warp gates to enter the warp zone. You will pick up speed after you go through each warp gate, so you will need to anticipate the positions of the warp gates and react quickly. The warp is filled with enemies and power-up items. Use bombs liberally because you can easily collect more in the warp area. When you reach clusters of items, do a loop to collect as many as possible.
—Star Fox 64.com

Sector X's Warp Zone

Our spies report that Andross has been developing a star base in Sector X, but all our remote sensors can now pick up is a huge field of space debris. We can't tell if Andross's base construction project has been destroyed by some kind of accident, or if this is part of his plan. It could also be a trap. our scientists have also detected unusual "worm hole" radiation in the sector. In case a worm hole is part of Andross's invasion plans, we need to have you explore where the warp might lead!
—General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 44

During the Sector X Mission, the Warp Zone is located by staying to the left when reaching the outside of the Space Base at the two way break. The Warp can be accessed by hitting the four gates and flying through all four located after ROB's C>>> Icon point. The Warp Gates can only be opened by being blasted repeatedly at with the Arwing's lasers, and each gate will slowly turn red into blue right before opening fully. If Bill Grey was helped on Katina, he will appear just before ROB's Icon point and aid Fox in shooting the Gates open. If even one gate is missed, the Warp will not work.

The Warp Zone itself, though lacking asteroids, is similar to its Meteo counterpart. The area is filled with shifting shapes, giant crosses and square-shaped girders, making it more difficult to navigate. There are also a few mechanisms that strangely look like television static as well, and they are located on the surface of the shifting objects. Completing the flight path leads to the Sector Z Mission on the Hard Difficulty Route.

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