I found the gate. It looks like a warp!
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The Warp Zones are two special hidden dimensional tunnels in the Lylat System, that act as quick, but risky shortcuts, also known as "worm holes".


Cornerian scientific expeditions to the Meteo asteroid belt have scanned some unusual warp energy readings in the sector, where taking the Warp Zone would create a convenient path leading directly to Katina, while scientists had also detected unusual worm hole radiation in Sector X, which would lead to the Sector Z nebula on the other side of the Lylat System. These warp emissions could not be ignored since they may been part of Andross's attack plan, therefore the Star Fox Team explored the Sectors to find out and determine if the worm hole was part of his invasion plan. Because they are hidden, Warp Zones cannot be seen on any Lylat Map.