Nobody ever brings me gifts anymore!
—The WarpStone

The WarpStone is a giant humanoid torso made of stone, whom Fox McCloud meets in ThornTail Hollow on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. He is said to have been left alone to rest for a thousand years, this is probably why he cannot remember much from the past. Only invited guests are allowed to meet him. Fox gains his permission from the Queen EarthWalker.


He dwells in ThornTail Hollow, on a small, round island in the middle of a small pond directly across from the Mother ThornTail's nest. A Bomb Spore must be used to blow up the cracked wall in order to reach the place. The WarpStone is very loud and the ThornTails and ShopKeeper sometimes complain to Fox that he keeps them awake and gives them headaches.

When Fox first meets him, he only complains about not being brought gifts anymore. Fox has to buy the Rock Candy in ThornTail Store and present it to the WarpStone. At first the WarpStone is reluctant to help, but after Fox says he's a (if not THE) WarpStone and is supposed to help, he agrees to help Fox by warping him to a couple of places as well as granting access to the Game Well Maze. He uses his right hand to warp Fox to the Ice Mountain and the left one for Krazoa Palace, but will only send Fox to the Palace if he has a Krazoa Spirit, or else it will be a wasted journey. He reveals the entrance to Game Well Maze by lifting himself up a bit.

Star Fox Adventures Warp Stone

Fox talking with the WarpStone.

He also gives Fox the Medium Scarab Bag, after releasing his first Krazoa Spirit, because he will need to pay the strange Scarab Toll in order to enter CapeClaw. When the time is right, the WarpStone later hints to Fox that the gatekeeper of Dragon Rock is nearby, closer than can be expected.

The WarpStone's fate during the Aparoid Invasion is unknown, plus he could have been a difficult target for he is obviously neither an organic or bionic being to assimulate.

P.D.A Scanner Information

WARPSTONE - Big, heavy and friendly


John Silke performed the WarpStone's voice. The WarpStone speaks with a Scottish accent.

Early Development

In the original Dinosaur Planet game, there are to be two "SwapStone" twins, named Rocky and Rubble, who would have served as the gaming option to switch between Krystal and Sabre. The two were known to be millions of years old, dating as far back to the times of the ancient Krazoa, and had both been laid to rest, until the two characters would have required their magical powers, in exchange for a small fee of magical energy. Much of the twin's roles and opposite characteristics were shared equally by the WarpStone in the final game.


  • The WarpStone calls the pedestal in the cave on the Ice Mountain to which he warps Fox a "WarpStone thingie".
  • Upon warping Fox to Krazoa Palace (with Fox noticing he hadn't warped Tricky with him) the WarpStone revealed, somewhat strangely, that he cannot warp dinosaurs. This makes WarpStone's purpose controversial, since the majority of Sauria's inhabitants is dinosaurs.
  • The ShopKeeper often complains that the WarpStone gives him a headache.
  • The WarpStone is the oldest character in the series.
  • Even though he is a native of Sauria, he seems to speak in basic English instead of Dino Talk. Perhaps being a creature of magic he is capable of telepathy. He may well be telepathic, as the Mother ThornTail will explain to Fox that sometimes she hears a girl's cries coming from the WarpStone.
  • The WarpStone somewhat resembles Golemech in that they are rocky titans.
  • The WarpStone bears some resemblance to the DreamWorks character Shrek both in terms of possessing Scottish accents and to a lesser extent physical appearances. Coincidentally, Star Fox Adventures was released just over a year after the first Shrek movie.


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