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The Walker is an optional Arwing transformation as an alternative mode of transport that appears in Star Fox 2, and Star Fox Zero.


The Arwing transformation method into the Walker.

The Walker makes its official series debut in Star Fox Zero. The Arwing can touch down on the ground and transform into the Walker. This allows players to explore sections that would be too small for the Arwing or require slowed down exploration. The Walker is useful in areas such as the inside of the Androsa fortress because the tunnels would be too small for the fast flying Arwing, and the Walker can remain stationary when attacking the main reactor. The Walker can fire lasers and charged bolts and also dash and hover using the Boost and Brake Gauge. Later, it gains the ability to hack computers like the Gyrowing.

Behind the scenes

  • Scanning a Fox amiibo will allow an aesthetic skin change for the Arwing, allowing it to wear a change in appearance similar to the original SNES era Arwing, enabling the Walker to appear as its SNES design.
  • Scanning a Falco amiibo will unlock the game's version of the traditional Expert Mode, causing the Walker to wear a red/black color scheme in conjunction with the Arwing's gaming upgrade.

The Wolfen receives a similar transformation ability in the form of the Hunter.


The Arwing can touch down on the ground and transform into the Walker, using its wings as "feet" to explore smaller areas.
—Star Fox

Appearances in other media

  • There is an unlockable Arwing costume for the Mystery Mushroom in Super Mario Maker, and when Costume Mario walks in it, the Arwing goes into its Walker form.


The Walker could have transformed at will from an Arwing, by using the wings as feet. It would have seemingly moved side to side or frontwards and backwards and could still attack. Its usage might have been used as a method of maintaining a stationary position and finding the Medals in awkward locations. Since elements from Star Fox 2 were carried over to Star Fox 64, it was likely replaced by the Landmaster, but as an entirely different vehicle. However, the transformation returned alongside the Landmaster in Star Fox Zero.


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