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The Walker is a usable vehicle that originally appeared in the initially cancelled Star Fox 2, and made its first released appearance in Star Fox Zero. It is the Arwing's alternative of transport.


Reminiscent of "chicken walker" styled walkers in science fiction media, the Arwing transforms into the Walker as follows: the Arwing's cockpit rises upwards to form the "head", the upper sections of the G-diffusers become "shoulders", and the lower sections become legs, with three sharp claws as "feet". The nose folds behind the Arwing to form the tail, and a turret appears from under the head.


  • The Walker's feet resemble the "feathered fingers" seen on Falco's Sky Claw in Command.
  • Is also sometimes referred to by fans as "The Chicken wing" in reference to its' walking animation.
  • There is a Star Wolf counterpart called the Hunter, which is from the Wolfen.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ウォーカー Walker)
(対地強襲用二足歩行形態 Ground Assault Bipedal Form)