Vulcain, is an experimental bioweapon which serves as the boss of Solar in the middle of the Lylat System.


Its main modes of offense revolve around the use of its arms and the plasma that the creature swims in.

  1. It will start off by launching boulder-like objects from its mouth in the player's direction. These boulders can be destroyed by regular laser fire and may leave behind valuable Supply Rings and Smart Bombs.
  2. It also uses its scythe-like arms to slash at the player both horizontally and vertically, either intending to hit the player or shoot a wave of plasma onto the Arwing and burn it. Another method it uses is diving under the plasma and causing a tidal wave to advance toward the player. The height of this wave varies from medium to screen-filling, making it possibly difficult to dodge.
  3. After the Vulcain loses both of its arms, it gains 2 new attack types, but becomes unable to use the slashing attack. Its first new attack involves it spinning out of the plasma with magma pouring out of its shoulders and shooting out toward the player.
  4. The second attack is its ability to submerge beneath the hot gas and cause flaming boulders to fly out of the plasma in the player's general direction.

Enemy Recon

Vulcain is one of the most advanced bioweapons in the Lylat System. Besides being able to adapt to Solar's extreme temperatures, Vulcain can modify its genetic structure by absorbing and altering the molecules of the objects in its environment. If your'e not careful, you'll end up out of Solar's frying pan into Vulcain's fire.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 75


Target Vulcain's sharp limbs before he splashes a massive plasma wave at you. Later in the battle, he'll regenerate new, mutated arms.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 75


Vulcain spews rocks at you, but this isn't a bad thing. As you destroy the rocks, they'll transform into Supply Rings. Collect the rings and continue the battle.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 75


The Lava Bombs that Vulcain throws at the player are not worth any Hit Points, but are guaranteed to leave behind valuable Supply rings and Stars to make the battle endurable.


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