[...]Peppy and Lucy slip away to reminisce about Vivian Hare, the wife and mother they lost to illness many years ago. Bringing up memories both joyful and bittersweet, father and daughter sit and talk until the morning light.[...]
—Lucy and Krystal ending

Vivian Hare was the late wife of Peppy Hare and mother of Lucy Hare. She is only seen as a faint image in the sky during the second screen of the ending Lucy and Krystal in Star Fox Command.


It is revealed that Vivian died of an unknown illness many years before the Anglar Blitz. The entire scene of which she is talked about, Peppy and his daughter reminisce about memories of her both 'joyful and bittersweet' until the dawn breaks.


Vivian is shown to be a mint-furred rabbit female with white fur accents on her face and brown eyes. Further details are unknown due to the rest of her being obscured in the one still she is shown.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ビビアン)


  • Interestingly, this article page on the Japanese Star Fox 64 site reveals the name of Peppy's wife as he took her on their honeymoon to Zoness, explaining Peppy's shock at the state of the planet from the Venomian pollution. This makes her existence predate that of her appearance in Command.