Enemy Tanker!
Peppy Hare

A Venomian Tanker is a cargo ship, manufactured and utilised by Andross's army during the Lylat Wars at the battle on Zoness. 


Although the Venomian Tankers themselves can't be destroyed, they carry valuable cargo crates, rewarding HIT points and containing a slew of rings and bombs, ripe for the harvest.

Medal Tips

The bird-like mutant creatures of Zoness are tough, but shooting them down will give you 6 points each, plus a bomb. When Katt Monroe shows up, be sure to fly ahead of her since you won't get points for the enemies she shoots down. After the Checkpoint, follow Slippy under the three platforms. As you go, bomb the barges to clear all the targets off of them. Towards the end of the mission, small flotillas of patrol boats will jet ahead of you. You can take out the complete fleet with a well-placed bomb.
—Star Fox


First spotted by Peppy Hare, approximately six Venomian Tankers were sighted at the battle on Zoness. Although the Star Fox Team didn't want to be detected by the enemy's radar network, the chance to cripple Andross's supply lines was too good to miss. The Venomian Fleet was counting on the mutated marine life to provide the first line of defense for the cargo ships, but there were many more Androssian patrols closer to the convoy.



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