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Think you're tough eh? In that case, it's secret weapon time! Stealth Squadron open fire!
—Andrew Oikonny

The Venomian Stealth Bomber was an assault craft developed by Oikonny's army.


The Stealth Bomber is noticeably larger and much more powerful than any other Venomian fightercraft. It was capable of firing several waves of missiles from two bulky launchers on its sides. Two powerful engines propelled it, and the cloaking device made it, for the most part, invisible to sensors. Radar could track it, and it could not stop a red blinking light, presumably to tell friendly ships where it was. Its armor can take about ten to fifteen hits before succumbing, but charged shots or Smart Bombs could destroy them with ease. If Fox takes too long to destroy them, the Stealth bombers will retreat backwards before fading out.


A squadron of Stealth Bombers were deployed by Oikonny during the Battle for Fortuna, after the Cornerian Army managed to break through the front line defenses of Oikonny's rebel fleet. The Cornerian Army suffered heavy casualties from the attack, forcing them back due to underestimating Oikonny's reserves before Team Star Fox arrived via the orbital gate. Star Fox later managed to destroy the Stealth Squadron when nearing Oikonny's flagship.


  • It may be that the Stealth Bombers were fitted with Dimension Transport systems similar to the ones used by Andross and his Blocker barricades and the Gorgon battle station, granting that radar could still track them and a flashing light slip gave their position.