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The Venomian Heavy Assault Mech is a powerful vehicle that was supplementing other vehicles. About ten of these protected the gateway to the canyon where Oikonny's flagship was faced.


The Heavy Assault Mech was very much similar to the original in most ways, but it was slate gray in color and was armed with a gatling plasma bolt cannon. Just a few direct hits could easily clip your wings.


The Venomian Heavy Assault Mech was manufactured and stationed on the base of Andrew Oikonny at the time of the Battle of Fortuna. The mechs were little more than a distraction for the new improved Arwings of the Star Fox team, furthermore the events of the Aparoid Invasion saw the immediate pause of the Cornerian and Venomian conflict. 



  • The Venomian Heavy Assault Mech slightly resembles Granga in physical appearance and the fact they are walking combat robots.
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