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The Venomian Carrier is a carrier used by Oikonny's army. They somewhat resemble Oikonny's flagship.


The Venomian Carrier is a troop transport type vessel used by Andrew Oikonny and his army and presumably by the Venomian Army they are more durable than the Venomian Battlecruiser as they do not share the weakness of the exposed energy core like their weaker cousins they also carry a complement of Venomian Fighters for combat support and defense against enemy fighters.


The Venomian Carriers were manufactured and stationed at the fleet of Andrew Oikonny at the time of the Battle of Fortuna. The Carriers were little more than a distraction for the new improved Arwings of the Star Fox team, furthermore the events of the Aparoid Invasion saw the immediate pause of the Cornerian and Venomian conflict. 


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