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The Venomian Assault Mech is a large assault robot vehicle used by Oikonny's army.


It is much taller than the Heavy Tank, but shares a few common characteristics. It is also a lighter beige in color, and the top half has all the weapons. It is propelled by treads, and its weapons are a gatling laser bolt cannon and probably a missile launcher on the other arm, though the latter was not used. It was succeeded by the Venomian Heavy Assault Mech.


The Venomian Assault Mech was manufactured and stationed on the base of Andrew Oikonny at the time of the Battle of Fortuna. The mechs were little more than a distraction for the new improved Arwings of the Star Fox team, furthermore the events of the Aparoid Invasion saw the immediate pause of the Cornerian and Venomian conflict. 


  • The Venomian Assault Mech slightly resembles Granga's Mech in physical appearance and the fact they are walking combat robots.
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