The Venom Tank is the ground based tank unit which were manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth, utilised by Andross's Empire during the Lylat Wars. As well as keeping the similar Landmaster look, the Venom Tanks greatly resemble none other than the army's supreme leader, Andross. With his great scientific mind and skill in tactics, these advanced battle tanks were formidable, sturdy tailor-made to invade Corneria by surprise in the Lylat Wars. The real advantage of the Venom Tank is overwhelming numbers which proved to be the strongest point of Andross's army.


Lylat Wars

Since Corneria's defense forces did not have a tank corps, the Venom Tanks were deployed on Corneria to patrol the deserted city streets, until the arrival of the Star Fox Team. The Tanks normally travelled in squads of up to four or six, and were also deployed in vast clusters in the defense of the plains of Venom. Some units proved themselves strategic by using the narrow, arched rocks within the canyons as shelter, allowing them to pick off the Star Fox team easily.

In the games

Star Fox 64

Venom Tanks appear only within Corneria City and on the flatlands and crayons of Venom. The Tanks are not equipped with very tough armor, meaning a single charged Laser shot can destroy one. In Expert Mode, they are highly aggressive and clusters can overwhelm the Arwing to the point where Barrel Rolls will eventually fail.

Training Mode

The Venom Tanks are also present the Training Mode of Star Fox 64. They are in fact the first enemies that appear, arriving on screen as soon as Yaru de Pon attempts to teach the player the Barrel Roll technique. It is unknown if these units were holograms, or decommissioned tanks captured by the Cornerians for using to train new pilots.

Star Fox Zero

Venom Tanks are again prominent on the Cornerian City streets, under railways and highways.