Venom Space Fighters are starfighters manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth and utilised by the Venom Army's space fleets during the Lylat Wars.


Venom Space Fighters are purple, spiny seashell-like starfighters that tend to fly in lined formations. They have only been sighted in deep space areas.


A squadron of Venom Fighters is on Peppy's tail when he past you. If you lock on your lasers, you'll probably miss one. Keep shooting until they're all finished.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 37

Formation frying

When you first reach the first Lock-on site shown, lock on the middle fighter in any formation to fry as many of the surrounding ships as possible with one shot. In some cases, you'll find items in the debris.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 38

In the games

Star Fox 64/3D

Venom Space Fighters were prominent at the Meteo Asteroid Field where they tailed Peppy Hare after the Star Fox team encountered the Flip Bots, and made up three of four defensive lines. With Butterflies, Rock Gunners, Canines and Star Warriors, Venom Space Fighters were stationed at the Venomian air defence zone where they made up the first wave in the second line.

Star Fox Zero

Venom Space Fighters reappear in Star Fox Zero under the name: Attacker I.



  • Venom Space Fighters are on the Star Fox 64 3D box's cover artwork. Interestingly, they shoot lavender beams instead of red lasers.