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Venom usually takes the role as the final stage in most Star Fox games.


Venom on the Lylat Map.

In the original Star Fox title, Venom is the main objective in every game, set as the final destination from three different routes. Depending on the selected path, they will enter a different side of the planet. This begins at the airspace near Venom and then the team will take it to Venom's surface - the easy and hard routes' ground level will be at the actual surface of the planet, while the medium route's ground level is some sort of industrial highway or elevated road. The swift Phantron is the boss of the easy path, the Metal Smasher and its Galactic Rider escape pod is the medium route's boss, and the Great Commander is the final line of defense for the hard route.

Finally, Andross is left. Fox goes down to fight. Andross taunts Fox continuously until Fox enters his warped room. This incarnation of Andross was an inorganic computer cube transmitting Andross' face on each side surrounded by metallic polygonal plates forming an outer layer; in the easy and medium paths the face resembled a human, but Andross takes a more demonic appearance on the hard path. Fox destroyed this form's shell through its vulnerable glowing eyes. Fox destroyed the Andross computer and flew out of the self-destructing base. Fox then received a message from General Pepper congratulating them, and the surviving Star Fox team flew back to Corneria.

Planet I: Venom

When Andross was driven out of Corneria by Director General Pepper, he occupied this planet as his base. While it used to be known as the "evergreen planet", and boasted beauty second only to Corneria's, Andross has re-made it into a dark, polluted world of military machines. The natives, who were not advanced, were enslaved by Andross, and drafters into his military machine. Though they serve Andross, they can inwardly hope that the forces of Corneria can win a victory and liberate the Lylat system.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox 64 logo.png

Venom's first wave of fighters.

Venom is again the focal objective of gameplay in Star Fox 64 . The planet can be reached from two routes. The "easy route" approaches Venom following the destruction of the Bolse defense satellite - the player will have still have to travel some distance on Venom to Andross' base. The "harder route" (in both difficulty and name) approaches Venom from a different angle, after a massive battle with the planet's primary defense fleet at Area 6 - the player will arrive directly at Andross' base.

Official Site

Mission Briefing 

Very little information about the mysterious planet of Venom is available. Andross has undoubtedly built a base of maze-like tunnels going deep into the planet. Because his base is hewn from solid rock, there is no way to learn anything about it from orbit. At this point, the Star Fox Team will be up against the most elite of enemy forces. The Star Wolf team is sure to show up, and will be flying the most advanced ships in Andross's arsenal. This will be the team's last battle before going up against Andross himself, so be prepared to fight hard!

Intelligence - You'll face a different version of Andross depending on which path you took to Venom.

—Star Fox

Medal Tips

Medal Score: 200 hits

Apply your flying and targeting skills to this mission to score maximum points. If you earn the medal in this mission, you will be allowed to use the Landmaster tanks in the Versus Mode.
—Star Fox

Battle with Andross: Venom; Andross' Homeworld

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: Corridor Mode


Boss: Golemech

Boss: Andross / Robot Andross

Easy Route (Venom)

Venom Pillars.

  • The easy route is the simpler one by nature. After the Bolse satellite reaches meltdown, the way to Venom's surface is clear. When the player starts flying across the desolate, lifeless wastes of Venom, they will be ambushed by an onslaught of enemies. Waves of starfighters, flying columns, and minefields of magically appearing metal boxes or even Golemech, a Mysterious Giant Golem, which can stop the player's progress.
  • On the end of the otherwise endless hallways out of the temple, is a stretch of wasteland with an entrance to the interior of the planet. Fox decides to enter the base alone. The tunnels within the entry-way were perfectly straight, and barely wide enough for an Arwing. A few minor defences, being an odd laser beam, arching electricity, and security hatches are the only things that stand in the way.
  • After much anxiety and anticipation, from the midst of a sinister green fog comes Andross at last. An intense battle ensues as the Arwing will need to hold its own as it is smashed with meteors, slapped around, and chewed and spit out. After destroying both of Andross' disembodied hands, his only remaining weak points, his eyes, must be destroyed. Once enough damage is done, Andross's head will explode, shedding an external layer to reveal a mechanical skull. The skull charges the Arwing a couple of times, but has very weak armor and is destroyed quickly, being no match for a couple of Smart Bombs. After the skull is destroyed the base self-destructs, Fox is able to escape, leaving Venom's atmosphere and returning to the Great Fox and the rest of the team.

Venom: Andross' Homeworld; The Final Battle

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: All-Range Mode / Corridor Mode

Boss: Star Wolf team's Wolfen II

Boss: Andross / Andross's Brain

Hard Route (Venom II)

Star Wolf arrive in their new ships.

  • After penetrating the last line of defense of the battle-hardened fleet at Area 6Star Fox arrives on Venom. By this route they descend directly upon the very doorstep of Andross' subterranean lair, taking the fiend totally by surprise. Before being able to charge into the planet, the team is challenged to a grudge match by Star Wolf, in a last ditch effort to prevent Fox from entering the planet. Unlike the other battles, Star Wolf are packing upgrades this time around with their brand-new, state-of-the-art Wolfen II starfighters. After a lengthy and brutal battle, superior piloting skills will allow the player to take the plunge deep into the heart of the planet at last to confront Andross.
  • The shaft leading into the planet is similar to the Easy Route path, except the channel here is less linear and ends up branching out into multiple paths, some of which have certain power ups which will be essential for survival after the punishing engagement with Star Wolf. Andross talks to Fox through the com-link, telling Fox how vain his efforts are and that he will feel true pain. 
  • Fox will eventually reach Andross and must defeat him once again. This time, however, as soon as the finishing blow strikes Andross' isolated head, it sheds its outer layer revealing a massive brain and two eyes tethered to the brain by beams - this is the true form of Andross. The ultimate clash begins in All-Range Mode. Chased by pulsating eyes, the only way to destroy the enormous brain is by shooting at the cerebellum enough times. Getting caught in the snaring tentacles may tear off the Arwing's wings and cause serious damage. In his final moments after being defeated by Fox, Andross self-destructs, creating an immense cataclysm swallowing up everything, even fading the screen to white. Fox was lucky enough to have survived the initial blast, but the self-destruction of Andross' base had begun.
  • The last stretch of the mission begins as who appears to be Fox's father, James McCloud, who leads Fox back to the entrance shaft to allow him to escape, though a fiery death awaits Fox if the wrong turn is taken. Once Fox exits the base, James vanishes and Fox exits Venom's atmosphere, reuniting with the Great Fox and the rest of the team. Fox looks around a few times, wondering if it was his father that he saw, and if so, where he had gone.

Star Fox Command.png

Venom, deserted for many years until the uprising of the Anglars.

Venom returns in Star Fox Command where there are four different outcomes to the game's ending, but it does not always appear as the final stage, depending on the chosen paths taken.

Good-bye, Fox

Zazan tells the Anglar Emperor that they are being invaded. Despite his disbelief, he orders Zazan to prepare for an attack. During this time, R.O.B. has launched the device into the Venom Sea. Fox readies everyone for launch. Each of the team shows their readiness to fly, and with that, they begin their assault on the Anglar homeworld. Even after the Anglar bases have been decommissioned, the Anglar Emperor launches a counter-attack, piloting his Arrow Head against them. With his flagship destroyed, the Emperor flees into the Venom Depths, forcing the team to give chase and confront him for one final showdown.

Fox and Krystal

The Anglar Emperor tells his right-hand man Zazan that Star Fox, their "Creator's oldest enemy" are coming and to prepare for an attack. Meanwhile, as Fox tells the rest of the team what their jobs are. After the base has been destroyed, the Anglar Emperor emerges, piloting the Arrow Head. However, even after it is destroyed, the Emperor escapes through a tunnel leading to the Venom Depths, forcing Star Fox to give and they defeat him.

Star Wolf Returns!

When Krystal arrived at Venom with Star Wolf, they started attacking the Anglar forces located on the planet. After defeating many armadas of Anglers, they found the Angler Emperor and defeated him.

Dash Makes a Choice

When Dash arrived at Venom with Fox and Falco, they immediately destroyed the forces located on the planet.

After killing the Anglar Emperor, Dash decided to live on the planet of Venom. Soon after, he returned the legacy of his grandfather and became just like him and ruled the forces his grandfather controlled...

Star Fox 64 3D logo.png

Venom appears in a sandy yellow color scheme with a cloudy atmosphere, perhaps referencing it's SNES appearance. The different routes are named as Venom and Venom II in Star Fox 64 3D's score attack mode.

Star Fox 64 3D site

  • To beat the game, play through the level normally.
Score needed for medal
200 HITS


Venom appears in the game. It acts as the final level in the game, although it also had a brief appearance in the third-to-last mission in the game, Sector Ω, where it is the intended destination for the Star Fox team, although it disappears two-thirds of the way through before they could arrive despite going top speed toward the planet.

Mission 12. Venom - Mechanized Planet; The Final Battle

Venom in Star Fox Zero

Vehicle: Arwing, Walker

Type: All-Range Mode

Boss: Star Wolf, Andross

Venom is much smaller, and when Fox and General Pepper go through a portal there, it's revealed to have been modified into a planet-sized teleportation device, with large portions of the planet having machinery built directly into its surface and interior. A single large teleporter on the planet provides a path into the mysterious Corridor of Illusions, which itself leads to Andross's lair.

When Andross had first been exiled to Venom, General Pepper had used the teleportation technology to warp Venom to another dimension, hoping that this would make any form of escape impossible. It is also implied that James McCloud was integral to ensuring the plan to seal Venom away succeeded. However, Andross was able to build a teleporter of his own into the planet, allowing him to remotely deploy his forces anywhere and even warp the entire planet out of normal space-time as he saw fit.

With the help of General Pepper, it would be here where Fox would fight Star Wolf for one last time, and then come face to face with Andross.

H2x1 SNES Starfox2 image800w.jpg

Venom from Star Fox 2.

In Star Fox 2, Venom is shown to be green and grassy, and there are trees and mountains in the background. A giant mushroom can even be seen growing in the immediate area, and large flowers can be seen shooting energy waves on higher difficulties. This may indicate that the planet has been terraformed since its last appearance.

Super Smash Bros Melee logo.png

Venom in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Venom appeared as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is a stage that is available from the beginning of the game. This is also Fox and Falco's home stage, but you face Falco and his teammates on this stage in All-Star Mode. This same stage did not return in the sequel games, but it's background music was included in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The background music that plays is not Venom's soundtrack from any game, but actually the Star Fox team's leitmotif.

The stage is mostly based on Venom's appearance in Star Fox 64. Great Fox flies through the familiar mahogany canyons and plains, while there appears to be volcanic activity on the surface. Blockers and Stone Columns occasionally appear, while fighters fly out of the hidden docking bay hideouts.

The battle takes place on the Great Fox. Unlike the Corneria stage, the fight is played on the front view of the ship. Players' characters can fight on either 4 wings of the ship, and somewhat on the tailpiece in the center of the stage. This tailpiece is also a hazard that makes it hard to go to the other side. The top two wings of the ship slope inwards while the bottom two wings slope outwards. Items tend to roll off the two bottom wings of the ship. Fox and Falco also have easter egg taunts that cause Arwings to come and shoot the area.

Once in a while an Arwing or Wolfen will appear and start firing at the ship then will fly off. Any character that gets hit by the shots will take damage. Also, when the ship flies into the cave, sometimes characters hits the walls of the caves when smacked upwards or towards the sides, which might save one from getting KO'd.

It is also the setting for; Event 23: Slippy's Invention. In this scenario any character can play on the Venom stage against a co-op of both Fox and Falco, both of whom are permanently invisible throughout the match and as a result, they are more difficult to see. Although they are invisible, Fox and Falco can still be damaged, like in Invisible Melee. The stock icons for Fox and Falco appear darkened to indicate their invisibility.The event will not end until the player can K'O them both.

At the beginning of the match, Slippy says, "How's the cloaking device I invented?" The communication with Slippy begins shortly after the announcer says "Go!"