Hey all! DS here.

Basically, I just wanted to show off some Star Fox-based music that I've made recently and hope to get your opinions on!

Star Fox 64 - Main Theme [Epic Orchestral/Cinematic Trailer Arrangement]

By far my favorite thing I've done so far, it's just great listening to this typically corny fanfare with Inception BWAOMs blasting

Star Fox 64 - Main Theme [Emotional Piano Arrangement]

I recorded myself playing this at 6:45 in the morning, so don't judge too hard plz :P

Star Fox Assault - Space Battleground [Live Piano Cover]

Funny story: The mic in the piano actually isn't recording anything, and that's why the sound quality's just a bit off XD

Dark Hero - Star Wolf Theme for String Quintet

I wrote this "unconventional" arrangement of the classic Star Wolf for a National Student Composition Competition earlier this year, I should have the results back by June. Technically the contest called for an original composition, so hopefully no judges recognize the tune... *whistles nonchalantly*

Currently working on:

  • Modified "Dark Hero" but with a full epic orchestra and a female vocalist. With lyrics. Oh boy o_0
  • Star Fox 64 "Mission Accomplished" theme, also with orchestra and lyrics, this time in Latin and hopefully to be sung by my school's chorus. I'm just hoping they also don't recognize I'm writing "Long live Corneria" in Latin everywhere...
  • Techno/orchestral remix of Star Fox SNES "Corneria"
  • Emotional piano arrangement of the Sauria Theme from Star Fox Assault
  • Emotional piano mashup of Star Fox SNES  "Corneria" and "Dearly Beloved" from Kingdom Hearts because apparently that works (I just love taking any melody possible and making a sad or dramatic piano arrangement of it. I listen to too much modern film/game scores and anime music :P)

Well, thanks for reading through that wall of text if you actually did, and hope to catch you all around! Oh, and if you never have, be sure to listen to this as it is literally the best Star Fox music of all time, and it isn't even in a Star Fox game or Nintendo produced. That's kind of what I'm hoping to do with my music: show Nintendo that they need to make more canon Star Fox music like this (like the original songs in Assault such as Space Battleground, the Aparoid Queen boss battle music, and Heroes of Old) and have a more developed storyline that matches it, all with good gameplay. A lot to ask, right? I hope that Nintendo will "Never give up" and "Trust their instincts" one day...


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