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As said in my announcement blog today, I'm planning on posting a little more frequently (more than once every 7 months) here on Arwingpedia. Without further ado, the question for today:

Is Nintendo Going to Stop Making Star Fox Games?

What a thought: For a series to go from an exciting birth cradled in the newness of 3D, to explosive popularity in its sequel, to a now 20 year burnout the series hasn't recovered from. Of course, that's a very pessimistic view of Star Fox in years after Star Fox 64, but I digress. The main question encompasses Star Fox Zero's muddled reception: Will Nintendo executives, such as Shigeru Miyamoto, repeat their enthusiasm felt in months leading up to Zero's release, or instead wait years before touching the series again?

I'm not one to speculate an utter burnout by Nintendo, however I don't wish to jinx it. The two parallels many fans bring up are Metroid and F-Zero; both are very similar Nintendo franchises which have been neglected for a very long time. Pair this with the 9 year hiatus in Star Fox games prior to Zero's release, and the evidence seems clear. Right?

The argument isn't so decisive, actually.

Can we expect to see Krystal in Star Fox Zero at all?
She won’t show up this time, but I’d love to put her in a sequel if we’d get to make one!
—-Yusuke Hashimoto, Star Fox Zero Co-Producer

From the rather excessive investment Nintendo has poured into Star Fox in the last few years, I think there is a good chance of a Zero sequel in the nearby future. From spotlighting Zero at E3 2015, to Shigeru Miyamotos direct involvement in the series for 2+ years, to a quote from Platinum Games very own Yusuke Hashimoto hinting at a sequel, I think the likelihood is rather fair.

Thanks for reading my 2 cents.
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