Titania survivor

aka aj

  • I live in Titania
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is Unknown
  • I am male
Hello and welcome to my profile. Enjoy your stay. :)

About me

I have big plans for this wiki, i'm going to start making it more complete, doing things like adding the names of businesses in Corneria city and other in universe info this wiki is lacking. I will be trying to fix the lack of Zero photos on this wiki and thanks to star fox zero and model ripping I finally found a picture of a invader 3 for its page.

More about me

I am a huge star fox fan and posses a great deal of knowledge on the series I love every game in the series except command i like it sort of but all the endings are garbage. I love doing research in the game on the smaller more in universe things like different adds in Corneria city (I'm the one who added that section to it as a matter of fact)

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