My real name is Jonathan, and was born in February, 1989. I first played Star Fox (or Starwing as it is known where I'm from) when I was four years old. It was only for one day, and I only made it past Corneria once, but the game made such an impression that I was able to recognise it when my little brother got Star Fox Command for DS in mid-2008. The game was so enjoyable that I not only got my own copy, I bought copies of Lylat Wars (aka Star Fox 64), Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault from eBay. I also consider myself one of the most proficient Star Fox 'speculators', in that I will try to piece together missing chapters from the story using information that has already been given. They are highly plausible, albeit unofficial.

I am also a big fan of the Super Smash Bros. series, although I haven't edited much on their wiki and I only became a fan when I got Brawl (the only Smash Bros. game I have, mind you), but I am confident in my ability.

My Challenge

This is a list of my High Scores on Star Fox Assault and Star Fox Command. Let me know if you can beat these records.

Star Fox 64

Total Score;1456 points

Star Fox Assault

1. A New Enemy (Fortuna); 2868 points (no life-loss) 2. Frontier Base Battle (Katina); 2934 points (no life-loss) 3. Hostilities Revisited (Sargasso Space Zone); 1923 points 4. Into the Storm (Fichina); 4860 points (no life loss) 5. The Aparoid Menace (Asteroid Belt); 2358 points (no life-loss) 6. Reunion (Sauria); 2751 points 7. War Comes Home (Corneria); 2148 points 8. Incoming (Orbital Gate); 2595 points (no life-loss) 9. Breaching the Defenses (Aparoid Homeworld); 2982 points (no life-loss) 10. The Final Battle (Homeworld Core); 2208 points (no life-loss) Survival Mode (Gold Difficulty); 25089 points (no life-loss)

Star Fox Command

Ending 1. (Fox and Krystal); 883 points Ending 2. (Good-bye Fox); 853 points Ending 3. (The Anglar Emperor); 751 points Ending 4. (Star Wolf Returns!); 912 points Ending 5. (Lucy and Krystal); 672 points Ending 6. (Dash Makes a Choice); 823 points Ending 7. (Slippy's Resolve); 539 points Ending 8. (Pigma's Revenge); 508 points Ending 9. (The Curse of Pigma); 860 points

My Contributions

User contributions

Additional Storylines

As of now, I have the following stories. However, no additional information will be provided for them, so as not to take anything away from the game, to avoid infringing on copyrights, and so that I don't become quite as bad as the Star Fox Fan Fiction Wiki.

  • The Destruction of Cerinia
  • Panther's Brother
  • The Dismissal of Wolf

If you really want to know the stories, or if you have any other questions or comments, then leave a note on my discussion page here.

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