aka Wolf O'Donnell

  • I live in Corneria
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Space Pirate, Aircraft Pilot, Composer, Engineer, Vel'Koz Artist, Designer
  • I am Male


My name is NinsheetWolf(real name is Wolf Evans) and I am a HUGE fan of Star Fox series. I am currently studying for the test to get an airplane license to become an aircraft pilot, I live in Miami Florida, and as you can see, I am also capable with multiple languages. The following are English, Spanish, German, Serbo-Croatian(the base I learned is Croatian but Serbia, Bosnia, Slovania, Macedonia basically use the same language although Serbia and Macedonia use Cyrillic), Japanese, Korean, and Saurian. I loved Star Fox ever since it first came out and even though it doesn't have that many games for one of Nintendo's main game franchise, I still think it's one of the greatest franchises of all time. I do like other game series like Castlevania or Super Mario but Star Fox is way ahead. My favorite character is obviously Wolf O'Donnell not only because he has the same name as me, but his "dark hero" actions in assault made him my favorite. And he's a dog and I like dogs <3(same reason why I like Fox as well). My favorite Star Fox game is Star Fox Assault, and basically that's all there is about me. And I do have a facebook page the names Wolf O'Donnell(the one with this profile pic of Wolf), although I see Arwingpedia uses Twitter more. And I also play League of Legends so if you want to FR me than Ninsheetwolf for NA and wolfodonnell for KR. Any questions, I will answer and I accept friend requests too :)

My favorite pages

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  • Favorite page #1 Wolf O'Donnell
  • Favorite page #2 Star Wolf
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