About me

I don't really know much about Starfox, but I am joining to learn more about the game series, I will be on and off this wiki, from time to time, I am normally active on Redwall Wiki and Redwall Wars Wiki, I am mostly talkative, so feel free to leave a message, and I will get back to you. sits down and opens a root beer I also a very social person, so I am always there to talk about stuff on and off topic ;)

The Wikis I'm an Admin of

Krystal Assault Screen 1

Krystal is awsome, she is one of my favorite characters :D

I am the admin of my own Wiki Sites. my first is Farthing Wood Fanon Wiki you are welcome to check it out anytime, if you don't know what Farthing Wood is about, please check out Farthing Wood Wiki for more infomation. My second Wiki is The Country Mouse and The City Mouse Adventures Wiki and here is the third edition of my wikis Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville Wiki, feel free to visit them at any time. I got a new Wiki, and its my fourth, its Redwall Fanon Characters Wiki
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