When climbing the ladder to succes, don't let the boys look up you're dress.

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To all that have been wondering, I'm sorry for my rather abrupt leave of absence. School and work got in the way, and I wish I had let everyone know that I was giving up momentarily, but after not making a single edit in 2 months, I forgot about it completely. I don't know what has happened here since I left, and if I'm still a Bureaucrat here. And if you're wondering, me writing this doesn't gaurantee that I'm coming back to constant editing. I'm not saying I've given up completely though. This post is more of me giving a proper send off than anything. I'm sorry I didn't let anybody know, but I think you all understand the stress of school and how it distracts you from hobbies.

(AnyGuy 23:25, December 17, 2010 (UTC)) Hey dudes, I'm AnyGuy, one of the wiki's administrators.

I go and edit wiki's like Wikitroid (Metroid wiki) F-zero wiki, and Pacific wiki. This was the first wiki I ever edited, but under the IP adress that created The Oikonney Rebellion Conflict, Splitter, and Todora, till I made my own account, so I could create a wiki. I also created the Band of Brothers wiki, on December 16 2010. Hope you enjoy the stuff I do. If I screw up, well be sure to remind me of mistakes.

I origionally had an ambition to join the United States Marine Corps, but they were dashed when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a permanent disease which can be dangerous under stress, which is why they aren't allowed.

On the Band of Brothers wiki, I'm both a Bureaucrate, and Adminastrator, mainly because I created the wiki. On The Pacific wiki, I am an Adminastrator, and the second most active on that wiki. The #1 most active is the creator, Movieguy5000.

Other wikia contributions

Users I'm keeping my eye on

Warning! You are being watched is causing a small problem with both Arwing II page, and James McCloud. He's adding info without capital letters and mispelling, which he is completely ignorant about. I'm watching him. is also causing trouble, by creating the F-Zero X page, which would have been okay had it not been for fun by only adding "FALCO. PUNCH!!". I'm watching him as well.

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