OK! Slippy and I will wipe out the transfer gateways at the hideout.
Fox McCloud

A transfer gateway or transfer device is a teleportal warp pad, linking the Sargasso Space Zone hideout to battleships. It is capable of transmitting Ruffian reinforcements and weapons to the hideout when necessary. The gameplay objective is to destroy all Transfer Devices before the Might gauge reaches fullness.


The transfer devices are large circular warp pads, similar to the Krazoa Shrine Entrance Warp pads, able to receive targets from behind enemy lines. The armour is strong enough to take a single shot from the standard Blaster, therefore stronger weapons or Charged shots are recommended. A Sniper Rifle can utterly vaporise one with a single shot.


When the Star Fox team arrived at the zone in pursuit of Pigma Dengar, their presence provoked a retaliation by the thugs. Left with no choice in order to locate Pigma, the Star Fox team invaded the base in order to take control of the hideout. Fox McCloud and Slippy Toad boarded the interior to wipe out the transfer gateways before the might gauge reached fullness, leaving Krystal and Falco Lombardi to secure space.

With the gateway devices destroyed, Star Fox were able to occupy the hideout until the arrival of the Star Wolf team.


  • The number of transfer devices alternates between six and nine, depending on the skill levels chosen by the player.