Todora is a species of sea dragon native to the paradise world of Zoness. 


The Todoras are large, stripped serpentine sea dragons that dive in and out of the waves for miles around. They are only part of the environment and not worth any Hit points, making the dragons immune to all forms of attacks. Todoras can be very damaging if flown into, especially in Expert Mode, therefore the best possible action is to simply avoid them.


It's the migrating season for the Todora, a local species of dragon. You can't hurt them, but running into them will hurt you. ROB 64 has analyzed their movements and projected their course on to the electronic map. The arrows show which way they're going.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 93


Since the planet is nearly covered with ocean, with only small groups of islands breaking the watery surface, the Todoras were able to swim freely, going about their own business. During the Lylat Wars, Andross had turned Zoness into a toxic waste dump and was rumored to be building a supply base there. However, Andross's bio-weaponry had polluted the once beautiful oceans and transformed the beautiful sea creatures into hideous monstrosities, yet the Todoras seemed to remain unaffected by the ongoing war and continued their migrating season. The Star Fox Team were sent to perform a reconnaissance in force to find out what Andross is planning, managing the fly past the Todoras after Slippy Toad gave an early warning. The Arwings ended up flying into the path of at least eight Todoras.

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