A Titanian Automated Defense Turret or T.A.D.T. is a defense system that appears to be native to Titania.


The T.A.D.T. is a defense turret that appears to be native to Titania so far it has only appeared in Star Fox 64/3D. There are only 3 so they are pretty rare. The T.A.D.T attack by firing long thin laser beams at Fox's Landmaster, scorching it's Shields down rapidly. Each one is worth a decent HIT+2.

Bomb on the ridge

As you zip through the valley to escape the persistent laser rays that are tracking your Landmaster, hover up to the left ridge. A Smart Bomb waits for you at the end of it, but Titanian turrets weave a web of laser beams to tangle up your tank. Boost yourself speedily along the ridge to stay ahead of the laser fire and blow away the cannons, then plow forward to claim the bomb for your arsenal.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 53


It is debatable as to who or what created the T.A.D.T, yet their destruction does add up towards the Venomian Units receipt. They appear to be native to Titania as they do not look like Venomian units they have different colors and textures than any known Venomian unit and they appear stationary. It can be assumed that they were placed by an ancient civilization to protect their ruins and settlements against native predators like the Goras.

  • If the turrets are remains of the ancient civilisation, it well be the case that they were modified by Andross's scout forces like Goras, to obey his will.