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Titania has appeared in all the Star Fox series games with the exception of Star Fox Adventures.

00 Star Fox Lylat Map

Titania on the Lylat Map.

In Star Fox, Titania is encountered as the third location on the intermediate Level 2 route. The surface is initially depicted as frozen much like Fichina, but the icy climate is changed instantly to its usual warmer self by taking a weather control unit. After the weather is fixed, Fox McCloud faced and destroyed a robot named Professor Hanger, freeing Titania from Andross.
  • Titania's location in the Star Fox 64 map seemingly contradicts the original Star Fox instruction manual, where it is directly stated to be the second planet of the Lylat system; in Star Fox 64, it is instead shown to be the fifth location on the bottom path. It could be possible that the courses themselves follow wide, parabolic arcs that coincide with the position of the planets during the era this game took place.

Planet II: Titania

Titania has no indigenous creatures and is nearly always wrapped in a dense fog. This planet is known as a treasure world because of the large deposits of raw minerals that can be found there. While it has not been as hard hit by Andross's invasion fleet as some planets have, it is occupied by a large garrison of his troops. The resources here are extremely valuable to Andross's plans of future conquest.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox 64 logo
SF64 Titania Intro

Titania's Intro.

Mission No 5. Titania: Arid Desert; The Search for Slippy

Vehicle: Landmaster

Type: Corridor Mode

In Star Fox 64, Titania is approached only from Sector X on the easy path route. Meeting the previous mission with a "Mission Accomplished" after avoiding the Warp Zone and destroying Spyborg will allow a choice of routes between Titania and Macbeth, but if Slippy is knocked aside by Spyborg, the route choices will be cancelled and go straight to Titania. Clearing this level will cause the map's route to go straight to Bolse only.


  • Falco will be chased by a Granga just ahead of the canyon near the ancient ruins


Boss: Goras

Official Site Data

Mission Briefing

Although traffic to Titania is usually restricted, Andross's scout forces have been detected on the planet. Cornerian planning is concerned that Andross might gain control of the planet's ancient Goras defense system. The Star Fox Team must make sure that this doesn't happen, and must also try to neutralize Goras. Since Corneria's defense forces do not have a tank corps, the Star Fox Team's Landmaster is the only vehicle that can do the job.

Intelligence - Use the Landmaster's rolling ability to avoid land mines.

—Star Fox

Medal Tips

Medal Score: 150 hits

Checkpoint Goal: 60 hits

As usual, bombs will help you take out clusters of enemies in this mission. Destroying the lead ships in attacking squadrons with a charged laser bolt will take out the followers with a single shot. Also, if you destroy the lead robot on the right hillside with a bomb, it will sometimes cause a chain reaction with the other robots on the hill.
—Star Fox

Star Fox Assault
Battle of Fortuna

Oikonny's Fleet and the Cornerian Army exchange laser fire above the orbit of Fortuna.

Titania appears in Star Fox: Assault as an unlockable VS Mode stage. The stage itself is actually a base located somewhere in the desert. Players can snipe from atop rocks or fly the Arwing for dogfights, although air space is limited. There are caves that hold power-ups like barriers and other, more powerful weapons. Players can set up Sensor Bombs in these caves and hide for an ambush. Titania also appears in the background of Fortuna in the story mode during the conflict between the Cornerian Army and Oikonny's Rebel Army.

VS Mode

  • This multiplayer stage actually has one small pool of water. This means that microscopic organisms may actually still exist on Titania.
  • It is interesting to note that with the booster pack, a player can jump up to the top of the spire in the center of the base and Arwings or Wolfens won't be able to reach him or her.
  • The background music played on the stage includes a mixture of the Lylat Map / Briefing leitmotif.

Star Fox Command

Titania in Star Fox Command.

Andross' Legacy

The classic Star Fox Team, being Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy, landed on Titania. They recovered the terraforming device from Andross's "Ghost".

Wolf's Plot

Fox and Falco, aided by Wolf, set forth on Titania. They recovered the terraforming device from Andross's "Ghost".

The Worm

Falco and Slippy meet up with Fox on Titania and are surprised to see Krystal has come as well. However, it is obvious that Krystal still harbors resentment towards Fox. Krystal tells the rest of Star Fox that Andross was working on a device that would neutralize the acidity of the Venom Sea, and that device is currently on Titania under the guard of one of Andross' bioweapons.

After defeating the patrolling Anglar forces, an image claiming to be the ghost of Andross emerges, declaring that his bioweapon protects this place. From a forming sand cloud emerges the Dune Worm. After defeating the bioweapon, the Star Fox team is able to acquire the device.

After their mission on Titania, Slippy begins talking with Krystal, asking if she is still the same Krystal they once knew. Krystal responds that she is different now, but Slippy is adamant that she is still the same, and mentions some of her adventures with Fox. Krystal tells Slippy that Fox had lost his chance, but then Slippy tells her of Amanda, whom he left on Aquas, and how he knows it was wrong, saying how when you care for someone, you should be with them no matter what. All of this makes Slippy start crying, and Krystal takes some time to think as they head towards the Anglar base.

Star Fox 64 3D logo

Star Fox 64 3D site

  • To get to Bolse, play through the level normally.
Score needed for medal

150 HITS


Mission 6. Titania - Barren Planet; A Fox in the Desert


Titania's desert in Star Fox Zero

Vehicle: Landmaster

Type: Corridor Mode / All-Range Mode

Boss: Scrapworm

Titania is the sixth stage in Star Fox Zero, should the player fail to save Peppy from Wolf in Sector Beta. Overall, the mission is similar to that in Star Fox 64, only Peppy is the one who needs to be saved instead of Slippy.

Peppy has been shot down by Wolf O'Donnell onto the desert planet. The rest of Star Fox go on a rescue mission despite General Pepper's orders to press on with the mission to Venom. Fox uses the landmaster to cross the terrain, defeating any enemies he comes across. Eventually, Slippy gets a signal, leading them to Peppy, who seems to be stuck. Peppy warns the others not to come closer, as the Scrapworm appears, revealing to be the one holding him in place. After freeing Peppy, Fox must avoid being sucked in by the worm by hitting its mouth; once he does so, the worm will show its body, prompting Fox to hit the glowing spots all over it. he will need to hit its mouth again afterwards. Eventually, the worm will explode, and the mission ends with Peppy rejoining the group.

If the player uses the Gravmaster and flies towards the wormhole, however, Peppy will be revealed to be alright and then join Fox in the wormhole to face off against the Salvadora.

Planet Titania SFII

Taitania in Star Fox 2.

In Star Fox 2, Titania is known as Taitania and serves as one of Andross' many bases. In this game, Taitania has been blanketed in white snow and has a moon. Incidentally, both the manga Farewell, Beloved Falco and the Vs. Mode stage in Assault show a moon in Titania's sky.

  • In Star Fox 64, Titania resembles Eladard from Star Fox 2. On the map, Titania is roughly where Eladard was, and both have planet rings. Yet they both appear in Star Fox 2.

Other appearances

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Titania reappears as the third and most difficult stage in the Star Fox boss microgame in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Its appearance is that of its original SNES snowy design to keep in tone with the spirit of the microgame's look.


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