• I've recently been contacted by this user who happens to be a sockpuppet of MIDKOWITCH, who is well known for harassing other users in various Fandom sites to try to get them to copy-paste information of characters for Villains Wiki on their behalf (which they could easily do themselves) and at times tries to get the administers on the Heroes Wiki to delete articles that they don't believe are heroes and if they did not get their way, he will resort to yelling at them and coercing them to do as they say. They tend to make excuses to not do it themselves, if asked why they can't do it themselves, they say they aren't 'autoconfirmed', and if they are exposed as a sockpuppet of MIDKOWITCH, they often try to deny it. I figured I'd tell you about this user, in case you haven't known who they are yet. Can you block them?

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