• In the manga Star Fox' Farewell, Beloved Falco, there is a Goras who is known as Golas in the English versions.  Is that her real name, or is she really just an unnamed Goras.  If the former is true, can I make a page about it?

    Golas is a Goras who serves Captain Shears, who deployed her to take the Star Fox Team's genius, Slippy, as a hostage, if you do not know what I mean.

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    • I wouldn't create an entirely new article since the creature is still a Goras, as there was an entire species that existed before Titania's great extinction period, so even if it wasn't the same Goras from Star Fox 64, it might have been recreated from another one's remnants. Also, the manga was never officially translated into English by Nintendo, so the most commonly read version by western readers is the fan translation, which accidentally calls Goras as Golas, probably due to fiddly translation errors. Also, Goras is not female nor was it ever named as such.

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