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General Pepper here… Your mission takes place on ThornTail Hollow. Locate the Queen of the EarthWalker Tribe. She will help you further. Pepper out.
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ThornTail Hollow is a location on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. In fact, it is the first area where Fox McCloud landed in his Arwing. ThornTail Hollow is home to the ThornTail Tribe, the WarpStone, and refuge to the Queen EarthWalker. Fox will enter other lands from here and must return in order to use the Arwing to travel to the four SpellStone lands in the orbit. 


It is a valley with steep sides surrounded by thick evergreen trees. A small stream sweeps through it. Dumbledang Trees garnish the landscape above the lush grass and happily grazing ThornTails. Although in the shadow of Ice Mountain, ThornTail Hollow is abundant in flowers and spring life, basking in the frequent rainstorms that keep the flora fresh and colorful. Rich in Scarabs, GrubTubs, and friendly dinosaurs (minus the shopkeeper), ThornTail Hollow is a safe haven for Fox throughout his journey, linking to both the Force Point Temple environments, and his Arwing's place of rest.  Also, it is here where Fox finds Krystal's Staff, which is the main weapon in the game. Its first Staff Upgrade and a magic meter enhancment are also found here.

Places of interest

  • The ThornTail Store - Here Fox can buy items with Scarabs, the official currency of Dinosaur Planet. It can be accessed by crossing the river from where the Bomb Spore Plant in the center of the Hollow is located. After your visit to CloudRunner Fortress, there will be a baby CloudRunner on top of the ThornTail Store.  Use the CloudRunner Flute near the baby pterodactyl and it will bring down a Bafomdad that is hopping on the very top of the Store.
  • The WarpStone - He is a giant human statue without legs. He allows Fox to travel to three different locations: Game Well Maze, Ice Mountain and Krazoa Palace (but will only allow warps to Krazoa Palace if Fox has a Krazoa Spirit). To reach the area, Fox had to blow up a wall near the sleeping ThornTail with a Bomb Spore.
  • The Queen's Refuge - This is where the Queen EarthWalker is located, but it only opens after Fox clears the area of SharpClaws, and then shoots a target with the Fire Blaster.
  • The Ancient Well - This place can be reached by walking to the left of the Queen's Refuge, when looking at it from the front.
  • Fox's Arwing - This is the Arwing Fox used to transport himself through Sauria. It is located in the middle of the area.
  • The cave behind the WarpStone - This is where the Mother ThornTail is located.



  • With the exception of a few SharpClaw and Egg Snatchers at certain points of the game, the only enemy here is a bird-like creature called a Bloop. It is found flying around near the Ancient Well. Several more flock together out of the Ancient Well and pick on the ThornTails, after Fox returns to the area from placing the SpellStone from Walled City back inside the Force Point Temple.
  • This is the only area in which two GateKeeper portals can be seen.


  • Star Fox Adventures
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