Macbeth is the industrial key to Andross's military machine. If you liberate this planet, Fox, you will cripple his ability to produce weaponry. This is also the main launching point for the interplanetary cruise missiles Andross has been using to assault Corneria. Resistance fighters on Macbeth have information on a train that transports minerals and weapons from the mines and factories to Andross's main base and launching area. Although its route is well defended, derailing the train and stopping its shipment will be a crippling blow to Andross's plans.
—General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 76

The Forever Train was a Venomian energy supply train taking refuge on Macbeth during the Lylat Wars. It is piloted by an unnamed engineer, who was one of the most powerful and intelligent of Andross's followers, promoted to positions of leadership in his military machine, and have been given command of specialized war machines of great power. Andross has dispatched the key lieutenant to seize a strategic location throughout the Lylat system, but having him ship important supplies, including raw materials and manufactured military hardware. Cornerian resistance fighters on Macbeth had gotten information on the gigantic train that transported minerals and weapons from the mines and factories to Andross's main base and launching area. Although the train's route was well defended, derailing that train and stopping its shipment would be a crippling blow to Andross's plans.


The forever train, as the name suggested, was a very long train. Sometimes, it even had to detach several of its cars. Its purpose was to deliver supplies and weapons to a supplies depot to deliver and/or launch to the Venomian Forces.


Some of the visible cargo on the train includes the Copperhead missiles that are fired at the Great Fox in Sector Z. The known cars of the train are a Garuda transport car with two crates, four cannon cars, four ore transport cars, two propane gas cars, a crate car, a liquid fuel carrier, the Mechbeth car, and the locomotive itself. It also contained an Experimental Weapon prototype mech called Mechbeth, to which it was directly tied to due to its power source still being developed during the war. It also had a large cannon with which to shoot flame bombs. 


The Star Fox team attempted to liberate Macbeth and strike a crippling blow to the Venomian war industry. Fox McCloud, piloting the Landmaster, confronted the Forever Train protected by the bio-mechanical construct Mechbeth. In large part because of the Star Fox team's persistence, the engineer of the train was frequently forced to detach several of its cars to ensure he stayed ahead of his pursuers, to his annoyance. Rather than destroying the machine itself, he was able to send the train it was attached to off-course towards the main supply depot. It was ultimately destroyed when Fox, who plowed through Macbeth's numerous ambush guns and ships, managed to activate eight switches to gain access to a switcher that changed the tracks, forcing it to crash into the fuel bunker, taking the entire factory with it in the initial explosion. Unable to slow itself in time, the train crashed at high speeds into the depot, setting off stores of weapons and fuel containers in a dazzling explosion. With the loss of its main production and fueling facilities, Venom was now open to direct attack by the Star Fox team through Area 6.



  • The name of the train was not mentioned in the level, but the opening card of the mission has the subtitle of "The Forever Train."