The Test of Observation is the first of the six Krazoa tests for obtaining a Krazoa Spirit in "Star Fox Adventures".

In the game

At the urging of a dying EarthWalker, this test was completed by Krystal, and it consisted of finding a Krazoa Spirit three times, who was hiding in one of the six large vases that come out from the ground, one for each circle in the Krazoa symbol.

Gameplay Tips

  • If it becomes a hard time following the correct vase, try keeping a finger on the T.V., right where the Krazoa Spirit is.
  • Krystal actually takes damage from the vases, so keep Krystal near the center or the room to avoid getting killed.



  • It is heavily implied in the Nintendo Power guide as well as the cutscene where Fox and Tricky first learn of Krystal's plight that the Krazoa Spirit Krystal saved was actually Andross in disguise, as well as the Krazoa God.
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