The Test of Knowledge is one of the six tests for obtaining a Krazoa Spirit in "Star Fox Adventures".

In the game

Even after Fox and Tricky placed all the SpellStones back into their Force Point Temples, the planet was still falling apart. Peppy theorised that also returning the Krazoa Spirits back to Krazoa Palace would be the final acts to bring the planet back together, prompting Fox to look for the Shrine he noticed, located on-top of the highest point in Walled City.

This test requires Fox to place objects from each of the areas he has been to, from ThornTail Hollow to Space (final location in the game). After completing this test, Fox parted ways with Prince Tricky and returned to Dinosaur Planet, but instead of returning to ThornTail Hollow, General Pepper redirected his flight path so that he went directly to the roof of Krazoa Palace.

There are six spots on the wall resembling windows, each of which resembles an area. Fox must place the items in front of the level they appear in.

Item Icon Location
Dinosaur Horn
SFA Dinosaur Horn Model
DarkIce Mines
CloudRunner Flute
SFA CloudRunner Flute Model
CloudRunner Fortress
Wooden Square
SFA Wooden Blocks Model
LightFoot Village
SFA MoonSeed Model
Moon Mountain Pass
Gold RedEye tooth
SFA Gold Teeth Model
Walled City
SFA Meteorite
Outer Space


  • Every object looks similar to the pictures of the places.
  • Most of the objects are crucial to achieve a certain task in the area they are from.
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