The Test of Fear is the third of the six tests in obtaining the Krazoa Spirits in "Star Fox Adventures".

In the game

The Test of fear

The point of view changes to what Andross is watching.

In game, the test consists of keeping a red bar within a green bar during a cinematic. In the cinematic, Fox fights the ShadowHunters, four SharpClaw ghosts that breathe red and blue flames, and a giant silhouette of General Scales that grabs him. When the test is completed, Fox opens his eyes and finds himself back on the floor, implying that the entire test was an illusion induced by the Krazoa Spirit.

The Test of Fear is considered to be the most difficult test during the game, as the sound and cinematic can be jarring, making the player lose control. If the test is failed, Fox is seen frozen in terror as the chamber fades into a white background with demonic laughter.


  • Andross's vision is seen towards the end of the test. It could be that Andross was watching the events take place and took no part in the actual test. The demonic laughter heard (if Fox failed) could indicate that Andross had enjoyed Fox's failure. He did not appear directly, yet this does foreshadow his role later on.


Star Fox Adventures Test of Fear

Star Fox Adventures Test of Fear


  • The ShadowHunters are not named in the game, but take their name from the unused Walled City briefing, where Peppy calls them by this name. While no ShadowHunters appeared in the "Star Fox Adventures" Walled City, in the original Dinosaur Planet game, they were native to the later area, under the name of "HookClaw". This is also evident by the Nintendo Power guide naming the otherwise unnamed ShadowHunters as "Raptors", a slang term for their inspiration, the popular versions of Velociraptors that appear prominently in Jurassic Park media.
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