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The Test of Combat is one of the six tests for obtaining a Krazoa Spirit in "Star Fox Adventures".


In Moon Mountain Pass, after Fox brought his first SpellStone back to the Volcano Force Point Temple, a cutscene is triggered when heading back down the area towards ThornTail Hollow, concerning Fox and Tricky hearing the disturbing echoed sounds of a girl's cries, and meeting what appeared to be a Krazoa, instructing Fox to complete the task that the girl Krystal started. Following the directions of the Krazoa God, the dangerous meteorite landing site must be explored to find the hidden Krazoa Shrine.

This test requires Fox to use Krystal's Staff to defeat several SharpClaw soldiers under a time limit. Some SharpClaw are armed with shields, making the test last a little longer than facing just the same variant.

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