Imamura takaya

Takaya Imamura is the main director and producer at Nintendo EAD Group 5 and has been involved in a leading role in each game in the Star Fox series. He is also responsible for other Nintendo franchises including F-Zero and Steel Diver. He started out at as a graphic artist, well known for creating Fox McCloud, Captain Falcon and Tingle. Alongside his work on games, he also supervised the F-Zero anime, F-Zero: GP Legend. Imamura still works at the company to this day.


Game Role
F-ZERO Character Design/ Design
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Object Design
Star Fox Graphic Designer
Donkey Kong '94 Graphic Design
Stunt Race FX Graphic Design
Star Fox 64 Art Director
F-Zero X Chief Designer/ Course Design
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Art Director
Star Fox Adventures Supervisor
F-Zero: GP Legend Supervisor
F-Zero GX Supervisor
F-Zero Climax Graphic Artist
Star Fox: Assault Coproducer
Star Fox Command Producer
Steel Diver Director/ Character Design
Star Fox 64 3D Project Coordinator
Steel Diver: Sub Wars Director, Character Designer
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