The Swarm Fighter is an enemy which appears in Star Fox Command.

In Star Fox Command

Swarm Fighters are small Anglar ships which attack in groups of three, firing a small orange laser which can easily be avoided. The ships are presumably called Swarm Fighters because of this tactic, as well as the fact that they attack in large groups, with a minimum of three and a maximum of twelve. The ships themselves are highly vulnerable to attack. The reason for this is that the ships are mostly made out of aluminum, which keeps the ship from being dissolved from planet Venom's acidic sea, therefore making its shield strength very weak. Swarm Fighters often drop cores when defeated. They are most likely the weakest Anglar core holder. These ships saw combat on Corneria and Katina. When ROB sets training up for Fox, he uses drones with designs based on stolen blueprints of these. 

  • Shield Strength: 1
  • Weapon Strength: 2 (Corneria Variant), 3 (Katina Variant)
  • Locations; Corneria, Katina



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