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Super Smash Bros. Brawl, often abbreviated to SSBB or Brawl has a large array of Star Fox content, given the amount of games released between "Brawl" and "Melee".


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Fox and Falco appear in the game as they did in its predecessor with a new addition to the Star Fox cast: Wolf. All three have unique moves and attacks.


Fox Screenshot

Fox, as he appears in Brawl.

Fox reappears in Brawl as a default veteran fighter. He retains his signature agility and rapid-firing blaster, but also has learned new attacks and takes his appearance from Star Fox Command. He also has a moderately large role in the Subspace Emissary, whereas he teams with Diddy Kong to fight a large dragon Pokémon named Rayquaza and venture through the jungle in search for Diddy Kong's uncle, Donkey Kong. Fox retains his helpful, slightly cheery attitude from the games and quickly forms a bond with Diddy Kong.

Special moves
  • Standard (B): Blaster
  • Side (← or → + B): Fox Illusion
  • Up (↑ + B): Fire Fox
  • Down (↓ + B): Reflector
  • Final Smash (B when Fox has power from the Smash Ball): Landmaster


Falco Screenshot

Falco, as he appears in Brawl.

Falco returns from Melee in Brawl alongside Fox. No longer a clone of Fox, Falco has received new moves and his attacks that are still similar in animation to Fox's have different effects. For example, Falco's Up Special attack hits the foe multiple times, while Fox's is a single, powerful hit. Like Fox, Falco's appearance in Brawl is from Command. Falco's notable characteristics, along with ones that return, are his supposedly magnetic reflector and powerful forward smash attack. Falco has a moderate role in the Subspace Emissary, where he arrives in his Arwing and helps Fox and Diddy Kong while they're being attacked by Bowser. Falco retains his brash, collected attitude from the Star Fox games, and attempts leaving Fox and Diddy Kong several times before finally venturing along with them.

Special moves
  • Standard (B): Blaster
  • Side (← or → + B): Falco Phantasm
  • Up (↑ + B): Fire Falco
  • Down (↓ + B): Reflector
  • Final Smash (B when Falco has power from the Smash Ball): Landmaster
  • Play 50 matches
  • Completing the 100 Man Brawl in Solo's Stadium Mode
  • Have Falco join the party in The Subspace Emissary


Wolf in Brawl

Wolf, as he appears in Brawl


Wolf makes his debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He has moves only slightly similar to Fox's and Falco's, while the others differ greatly, especially his special attacks. For example, Wolf's Up Special move has no incendiary properties, and his reflector is elliptical rather than hexagonal. Unlike Fox and Falco, Wolf's appearance is only slightly based off his appearance in Command; it is mostly influenced by his appearance in Star Fox: Assault. He has a very small role in the Subspace Emissary as a secret character, where he is only found in a secret door in The Ruins, a level of the Emissary.

Special moves
  • Standard (B): Blaster
  • Side (← or → + B): Wolf Flash
  • Up (↑ + B): Fire Wolf
  • Down (↓ + B): Reflector
  • Final Smash (B when Wolf has power from the Smash Ball): Wolfen Landmaster
  • Complete Boss Battles with Fox or Falco
  • Participate in 450 matches, then defeat Wolf in a challenger match.
  • After completing the Subspace Emissary, enter a secret room in The Ruins, then defeat Wolf in a challenger match. Wolf will then join the party.

Stages from the Star Fox series

Brawl features two stages from the Star Fox series: Lylat Cruise and Corneria, a returning stage from Melee.

Lylat Cruise

Lylat Cruise is a default stage. It features all sorts of planets and fields, from Meteo to Fortuna. Like other stages available from the start, the main platform and the ones around it are flat and neutral. If Fox, Falco, or Wolf perform a secret taunt here, characters will fly nearby (while battling) to communicate with each other. If Fox, Falco, or Wolf are on stage, they will not be present in the conversation.


Corneria returns from Melee as a starter stage in Brawl. Like at the Lylat Cruise stage, Fox and Falco can perform secret taunts, summoning Peppy and Slippy (and whoever is not present on the stage, which is either Fox or Falco. Note that both characters can be absent), but Wolf cannot.

Items from the Star Fox series

For the first time in any Super Smash Bros. game, a Star Fox series item makes an appearance in Brawl. It is the smart bomb.

Smart Bomb

The Smart Bomb is an item in Brawl, taking its appearance from Assault. Like other explosives, this bomb is to be feared and avoided. Once activated, it will "trap" a foe into the explosion radius and deliver a powerful blow once the explosion recedes. Sometimes, the Smart Bomb will not explode on contact and will do minimal physical damage, but it is sure to explode later. This odd malfunction is common among other explosives in the game.

Andross (Assist Trophy)

Andross appears in Brawl as an Assist Trophy, where he aids the summoner by launching square tiles that usually go through the entire stage. He takes his appearance from Star Fox.

Music from the Star Fox series

Brawl features an array of different music from each universe, and of those categories is music from the Star Fox series.

Music heard at Lylat Cruise
  • Space Armada (From Star Fox)
  • Corneria (From Star Fox)
  • Main Theme (Star Fox) (From Star Fox)
  • Main Theme (Star Fox 64) (From Star Fox 64)
  • Area 6 (From Star Fox 64)
  • Area 6 Ver. 2 (From Star Fox 64)
  • Star Wolf (From Star Fox 64)
  • Space Battleground (From Star Fox: Assault)
  • Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) (From Star Fox: Assault)
  • Break Through the Icefield (Fichina & Sector Z theme) (From Star Fox: Assault)
  • Tunnel Scene (X)
Music heard at Corneria
  • Corneria (Melee) (Mashup of Venom, Space Armada and Title theme from Star Fox)
  • Venom (Melee) (Star Fox team theme from Star Fox 64)

Trophies & Stickers from the Star Fox series

Like Melee, trophies are present in Brawl. They are also more common and there are more to collect. Stickers are a new feature, and are more abundant than trophies. They can be applied to a character whilst venturing through the Subspsace Emissary. The larger the sticker, the more effective it is. Some have effects and power up only a select few characters, while others can be used by characters not from the Star Fox series. Other stickers power up a character's limb and are exclusive to a variety of characters from different franchises.


Sticker Effect Usable by
Fox (Star Fox) [Energy] Attack + 23 Anyone
Arwing (Star Fox 64) [Leg] Attack + 6 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Falco (Star Fox 64) [Weapon] Attack + 11 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Slippy (Star Fox 64) [Weapon] Attack + 10 Anyone
Peppy (Star Fox 64) [Weapon] Attack + 7 Anyone
Wolfen (Star Fox 64) [Tail] Attack + 16 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Fox (Star Fox 64) [Energy] Attack + 18 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Krystal (Star Fox Adventures) [Electric] Attack + 28 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Falco (Star Fox Adventures) [Specials: Indirect] Attack + 11 Fox, Falco, Wolf
ROB (Star Fox Adventures) [Electric] Resistance + 15 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Pigma (Star Fox: Assault) [Arm] Attack + 7 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Leon (Star Fox: Assault) [Throwing] Attack + 7 Anyone
Wolfen (Star Fox: Assault) [Tail] Attack + 30 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Falco (Star Fox: Assault) [Tail] Attack + 20 Falco
Panther (Star Fox: Assault) [Tail] Attack + 18 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Krystal (Star Fox: Assault) [Tail] Attack + 17 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) [Arm], [Leg] Attack + 15 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Peppy (Star Fox: Assault) [Arm], [Leg] Attack + 5 Anyone
General Pepper (Star Fox: Assault) [Arm], [Leg] Attack + 5 Anyone
Fox (Star Fox: Assault) [Energy] Attack + 33 Fox, Falco, Wolf
ROB 64 (Star Fox: Assault) [Freezing] Attack + 8 Anyone
Slippy (Star Fox: Assault) [Specials: Indirect] Attack + 6 Anyone
Andrew (Star Fox: Assault) Launch Resistance + 7 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Fox (Star Fox Command) [Tail] Attack + 18 Fox
Dash (Star Fox Command) [Arm], [Leg] Attack + 3 Anyone
Wolf (Star Fox Command) [Energy] Attack + 27 Anyone
Falco (Star Fox Command) [energy] Attack + 14 Fox, Falco, Wolf
Leon (Star Fox Command) [Energy] Attack + 9 Anyone
Panther (Star Fox Command) [Energy] Attack + 9 Anyone
Bullfrog (Star Fox Command) Carry Bomb-omb Anyone


Brawl has a Masterpiece feature that allows the player to play trials of popular, landmark Nintendo titles from the past generation. Of those games is Star Fox 64, which the player can play for three whole minutes. 

Allusions to the Star Fox series

Similar to various crossover fighting games, Super Smash Bros. Brawl contains various allusions to the Star Fox series.

  • Falco, when activating his Final Smash, will say "Personally, I prefer the air!" before boarding his Landmaster. In Star Fox 64, shortly after the Aquas mission, Falco will comment that he'll "take the sky anyday!", causing Slippy, who was earlier insulted by Peppy when expressing pride that Slippy's Blue Marine actually worked, to rebuke him.
    • His other quote "Hands off MY prey!" resembles the wingmates frustrated reactions to having lost their targets to Fox during the main games.
  • The Lylat Cruise stage contains several allusions to various portions of the Star Fox series:
    • In the comm-link conversations during the Lylat Cruise stage, Krystal will take the sides of both Star Fox and Star Wolf, depending on the conversation, alluding to Krystal either rejoining Star Fox, or joining Star Wolf permanently, depending on the endings in Star Fox Command.
    • In Fox's Smash Taunt during the Dogfight portion of the Lylat Cruise level, Leon and Panther's lines are paraphrases to their introductory lines in the Sargasso Space Zone level in Star Fox Assault. Likewise, Wolf's final line in the taunt, "And Fox, remember this! I'm the one who's going to take you down!", is a paraphrase of Wolf's final line to Fox in the same mission.
    • Falco and Panther's final lines in Wolf's Smash Taunt during the Asteroid Field portion of the Lylat Cruise stage are similar to their brief banter in the ending to the Sargasso Space Zone level in Star Fox Assault, shortly after his introduction to Krystal.
    • Panther's first spoken quotes from Star Fox: Assault are referenced by his following speech, "Do you see my red rose? It marks your imminent death".
    • The Dogfight version of Wolf's Smash Taunt has Leon saying "Imputent fowl! You will kneel before me!". In Star Fox 64, when chasing Falco, Leon will occasionally say "Annoying bird! I am the great Leon!"
    • In the Dogfight version of Falco's Smash Taunt, Wolf and Leon say, respectively, "Playtime ends here, Star Fox!" and "Hey there, boy, how do you like my new ship? Want to see what it can do?" These were paraphrases of what Wolf and Leon said as their introductiary lines for the dogfight on Bolse and on Venom Hard Route, respectively, in Star Fox 64.
    • The skirmish portion of the stage was largely based on the Battle of Fortuna portion of the Oikonny Rebellion, which was the main setting of the Fortuna level in Star Fox Assault.
    • In the Starry Space version of Falco's Smash Taunt, Peppy, while cheering Falco on, will say "Never give up! Trust your instincts!", referring to a line Peppy frequently says to Fox in Star Fox 64. In addition, Peppy also apologizes and stated that he channeled James McCloud when saying that when Slippy and Fox recognized that line, referring to the fact that James McCloud once said this in the same game.
  • Falco and Fox's default outfits resemble their appearance in Star Fox Command. In addition, most of their alternate outfits (save for the dark colors) are based on their Multiplayer colors in Star Fox Assault. Wolf's blue outfit, likewise, resembles the outfit worn by Panther Caroso in Star Fox Assault.
  • Andross's assist trophy's ability alludes to his attack in the original Star Fox.

References in later games

  • The Landmaster in Star Fox 64 3D resembles it's Brawl design.
  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U - a sequel game and uses identical trophies. Voice acting from Smash taunts from the Pleiades-class Cruiser stage returns unchanged aside from Communications channel character renders.
  • Star Fox Zero - During the Titania mission, when Slippy asks how Fox thinks of the Landmaster, Falco responds with "Personally, I prefer the air", his line when entering the Landmaster in Brawl.


  • The incidental musical theme that plays when controlling the Sky Claw in Star Fox Command was set to appear under the name: The Loner, Falco Lombardi, but was cut from the final game.
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