The Sun and Moon Stones are collectable items discovered in Walled City by Fox McCloud during his expedition on Dinosaur Planet.


They are Sun and Moon shaped stones as their name suggests.


After returning all the SpellStones, Fox and his friends were shocked to discover that this was not enough to restore Sauria. Peppy Hare theorised that the return of the six Krazoa Spirits might be the answer to the final puzzle. Fox and Prince Tricky eventually learn that the penultimate Krazoa Shrine is located on the top of the mountain temple in Walled City and return there to collect it. Once they arrived on the sacred land, the King EarthWalker pointed them in the direction of the Sun and Moon temples, where the Sun and Moon Stones rested. 

The Stones are found within Fire and Ice themed temples which are opened by pushing Sun and Moon blocks into position and looking through the windows at the temple roof using the Hi-Def Display Device. The Sun Stone requires the player to race through a timed, obstacle maze. The Moon Stone is obtained by running over a falling platformed ground when the three gates are down.

When both stones were collected and return to the same RedEye statues that held the Sacred RedEye Teeth, the entrance to the Krazoa Shrine was revealed, Fox was able to attempt the Test of Knowledge.



  • The Sun and Moon Stones are technically the last collectable items obtained in Star Fox Adventures.